Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

"These are songs grounded in vintage rock, early Springsteen to the Clash, idealistic working class rock and its cathartic stories of loss, losers and endurance. …unapologetically expansive and ambitious." -VUE Weekly


Manraygun create dark, literate, vintage-tinged roots rock unabashedly parading their admiration for their sundry influences on their collective sleeves —the palpable sorrow of Otis Redding, the poetic stagger of Tom Waits and the grit of Lou Reed’s bowery.

Since it’s inception the band has recorded and released 3 studio recordings “Twilight Speak” (2007); “Misfortune Telling” (2008) and “Everything is Temporary” (2009). In addition to completing work on “Alberta Burning” (a joint project with Montreal-based urban artist Ira Lee), Manraygun is currently in studio completing their latest production “Outside Thoughts”, scheduled for release in fall 2013.


Twilightspeak EP (2007)
Misfortune Telling LP (2008)
Everything is Temporary LP (2009)