Man Rockwell

Man Rockwell

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Man Rockwell encapsulates idealistic American life through stunning melodies and dynamic song-craft. Their clever lyrics point to the paradoxical intricacies of routine, tradition and expectation even as they pay homage to the ideas.


Since their debut EP entitled "Lava Proof Boats" was released on the newly formed Ancient Vessel label, it has been well received by fans and press alike. They've been compared to My Morning Jacket, Built to Spill, Sonic Youth, Buffallo Springfield, Genesis, and Band of Horses. Seeing their live show proves their sound is not just an in-studio craft.

Man Rockwell is currently upgrading with new material and recording at the Avast and Foundry Studios in Seattle


lava blood-base

Written By: norman baker

I recognize your smell
from the fiery pits you know so well
I recognize the taste
of your molten lava blood-base

double hockey sticks and grave pits
that you reach from underneath
where I have a ceiling fan
you have a dead man
walking through the past
with no experience today
where I have a ceiling fan
you have a dead man walking


the lava proof boat floats onward
onlookers all in song
I struck 'em down with a gaze
but my evil eye is not evil to them
you'll never rescue me from this
no one can rescue me from this
from the seat I was tied in
I witnessed it peirce my skin.

organized crime song

Written By: norman baker

meet me at the alehouse
I'll have a half million dollars for you
and a half million for me.
be calm, be collected
I've never held that much money
except in motion picture fantasies.
the clothes we're wearing most certainly wont give us away
and even if they're watching,
I've got men watching them watch us seal the deal
and they're strapped to the bone

with tracking devices attached
by now our clients are over seas
and under seige
they spoke in foreign tongues
and flashed guns
I was on my toes
but since I'm good in the pocket
and work better when on my own
I'll be handling this next one alone

you might not recognize me
for I cut off all my hair
I'd been growing for years.
You'll know me by the scar
it's above my right eye,
and I shaved off my beard.
None of that matters
with all this nickle and diming we've done
my my how far we've come
just be sure to never mention my name
I'm strapped to the bone



Man Rockwell-Lava Proof Boats (EP)

played on community/college radio stations

Set List

On Red Carpet
To the Well
Shake & Escape
Faux Hawk
Plain White Clothes
Black Eye Waltz
Story of a Fairy Princess
Organized Crime Song/Lava Blood-Base (medley)
Pardon my Parade
Hasselbeck is on the Run
Walking on Rooftops
Oblate Elipsoid
(give or take a few songs)

our sets can go from 30 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes depending on the show. Occassional covers include Mr. Soul by Buffallo Springfield, Bus Stop by the Hollies, Rebel Rebel by David Bowie, and our version of Rain Dogs by Tom Waits.