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"Mansfield-Over the Rainbow"

In a world engulfed by power chords and three chord jams Mansfield sets itself apart with a unique blend of creativity and phenomenal talent. Featuring the fret board magic of Ken Mansfield on guitar,Shane Bickmore on bass and Tyler Jones holding it down on the drums,Mansfield has a sound unlike any other in the Boise area. This point is made evident on their version of the classic song "Over the Rainbow"

One of the unique aspects of Mansfield is the lack of a seemingly important member;a singer. However,one listen to the tone of Mansfield's guitar makes it quite evident that no singer is required in this group.On "Over the Rainbow" the melody is not only beautiful enough for Judy Garland to appreciate,but also intriguing enough for Steve Vai to be entertained. Fused into the middle of the song is also an interesting rendition of Edvard Grieg's classic "Hall of the Mountain King". The incorporation of the two pieces allows the song to modulate temporarily into a completely unexpected,but much appreciated feel. The minor tones of "King" compliment the melancholy feel of "Rainbow" in a very appropriate style

According to Ken,the lead guitar track on "Rainbow" was recorded all in one take. This is nothing short of amazing considering the absolute shred-tastic playing that is demonstrated on the song. Not only does Ken demonstrate technically perfect playing,but all the while,keeps absolutely amazing tone. None of the members of Mansfield are new to playing music ,and it shows. Ken having taken lessons starting in high school,has had a torrid affair with the guitar for quite some time now,while Shane has played every style of music from country to straight metal. Tyler while younger than the other members,has still managed to pay his dues.

Most of Mansfield's compositions come straight out of Ken's imagination. Tired of the cover band scene,Ken decided to take the plunge and work strictly on his own pieces. Inspiration can come from anywhere.In the words of Ken,"Sometimes I'll wake up and be able to sit down and just knock a song out like I had played it for weeks. Other times I'll get a phrase or a mood that I want to pursue and just roll with it and see where my hands take me"

The future looks bright for Mansfield. While plans to venture into the studio yet again are definitely on the table,right now they are focusing more on playing gigs and getting their music heard. And hey,as an avid music lover,I've got no complaints about that.

Make sure to check out Mansfield,along with Jument,In the Shadow of the Mountain,and The Franklin Coverup this Thursday,April 17th,at Terrapin Station - Boise Beat Magazine


Out Of My Hands
The Return of Mr. Mesmer



Boise-based band ; Mansfield is named for the incredible guitarist & composer Ken Mansfield. Ken has been playing guitar since he was a teenager and has a remarkable gift for setting the fret board ablaze. Ken won the "King of the Blues" here in Boise and Denver. He then went on to Chicago to become one of the best in the nation. Shane Bickmore is the bass player for ’Mansfield’. Shane has been playing bass for over two decades and provides a solid bottom end for the intense rhythm and melodies. Tyler "T-Bone" Jones is behind the Drums working hand in hand with Shane to provide a solid rhythm section. Mansfield has been hard at work bringing Ken’s compositions, along with a few covers of Joe Satriani’s, into cohesive set lists. In a live situation you will be treated to an amazing display of guitar virtuosity as well as a visual accompaniment including several videos and lighting effects that add the topping to an already delicious cake. They have a blast practicing at their studio, which is at an old bomb shelter in Boise. Just recently, Mansfield placed in the finals of the 100.3 X-Tube Cagematches . Mansfield is currently booking shows in and around the Boise area and is looking forward to coming to a town near you,if you cant make the show their 2 albums are available on iTunes for download and purchase."Out of My Hands" the first album is chock full of great guitar work and beautiful melodies notably "Akashas Song",the second album "The Return of Mr. Mesmer" also has a full compliment of barn burning guitar work and some intricate melodies , check out "Requiem" and "Over the Rainbow"