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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Who Hit the Mark and Who Didn't! The Largest Magazine Dedicated to Indie Music"

These guys from Strong Island totally Rock! They have some really good material and a lead singer that can sing. The tempo on "Don't Throw It Away" was a little slow, it would sound better slightly faster but other than that the material rocks. They should certainly have a strong following in the NY/NJ area.
- UNSIGNED Music Magazine - April 2006

"Long Island Vibes "Touring 495""

The A&R Report
November 2003 Issue

"This month, I've seen two shows in the T495 series, but believe you when I tell you these two were some of the most insane shows I've seen in a long time. At the Village Pub South Mansrea, brought the crowd to their knees with their professionalism and riviting music", states Bernadette Giamcomazzo. - The Inside Connection

"Long Island Vibes "Touring 495""

The A&R Report
June 2004 Issue
Written by Kimberly Schedel & Greg Wilson

"The third to last night of the second round we found ourselves back at Someplace Else in Farmingdale on May 1st and the competition was high. Mansrea came on first to prove they knew what they were doing. Their sound was perfect for the genre they aimed for: Hard Rock. They had a sound of Saliva mixed with Drowning Pool, a great mix. Their rhythm and melodies showed they were going to be a tough act to beat. Of all the bands I've seen thus far, they were the best in the Hard Rock genre".
- The Inside Connection

"Local Music Coverage"

Mid May-Mid June 2005 Issue
Written by Eric Beyrent

Mansrea, a five-piece hard rock/metal band hailing from Long Island, features Peter Giambruno (guitar and vocals), Bart Salomone (vocals), Paulie Wolowski (bass), Jonathan Istrico (guitar), and Tommy D’Angelis (drums). They have been compared to bands like Saliva and Drowning Pool, and parts of their music also sound a bit like Sevendust and even Disturbed.
The band has a lot of strengths. They are very tight rhythmically, and have a good mix of sound. The vocals are lyrical and melodic. Salomone does a fantastic job giving his voice different personalities, using a clear gentle timbre on soft parts and a hard edge on the loud sections. The vocal harmony really rounds out a complete sound, and rides effortlessly on top of the guitar-driven backbone of each song.
One of the tracks, "Am I", is fantastic. It has a great intro which simmers right at the edge of boiling, until it explodes into a blast of riffs. This song bursts with the emotion that clearly drives the band. Salomone's vocals are equally fantastic.
This is definitely a band to watch!
- Northeast In-Tune Magazine


Step Up To Me (Independent)

(Website Streaming Audio Files)
3-Don't Throw It Away (This Time)
4-Am I?


Feeling a bit camera shy


It all came together in the quiet burbs of Long Island, the land of Emo and Power-Pop. A location where the sounds of modern rock echo the satellite radio dials across the Island, but considerably do not resonate within the halls of the local L.I. music scene as mainstream. It is recently that original music has made the “BIG” resurgence on Long Island and Mansrea wants to be the band that will inject a brand of aggressively melodic metal to the already musically diversified landscape.

“Music is nurtured by creativity, creativity is inspired by emotion, and expression is about having something to say and the freedom in which to do it”, says Peter. “This is and will always be our belief.” Mansrea blends together bludgeoning sonic guitars, pounding, punchy bass and thunderous drums to create a style of rhythmic, bottom heavy riffs underneath their dark vocal textured melodies. Their dark but melodic sound reflects, exposes, and exploits how they view the world, society, relationships, and the imperfections or prejudices that surround their everyday lives.

“Music is really the only true universal language and we feel that there is something for everyone in our music. We like to write about things that everybody can somehow relate to”, states Bart. Certainly, if there is one thing that the band can relate to, it would be the long road ahead of them. Dedication and commitment is the flavor of day. This is the way the group conducts itself. They have no problem building a fan base one by one. “It doesn’t matter whether we play to five people or five hundred people. It’s the same level of energy that we execute with. It’s all about going all out and giving the fans what they come to see, a high-octane performance. If we’re doing our thing and feeling the music, we’d like to think that the crowd will feed off of that”, replies Jonathan.

They are hoping that perseverance will pay off with an opportunity to create music that matters to them, while finding the mass audience they know are waiting for them all along. This will be an effort that will test the group’s belief in themselves and their music to the limits.