Rip-roarin' genre hopping thought provoking internet savvy beer drinkin' girlie chasin' sexpialidocious rock. When asked how to describe the band in 30 seconds, lead singer Jeff Massey chose to casually produce a cigarette and a lighter for the first 28 seconds, and then said: "Go big."


Mantasy is a four piece band from Halifax, NS, formed in early 2008, with one full length album under their belt, and a sophomore release in the works. Mantasy enjoy calling themselves "Progressive Cock Rock", but are generally told they have a classic rock feel with a modern edge. They are also known to cross genres quite often, jumping in and out of styles from jazz and reggae to punk and metal.

Mantasy's first album, "We Killed A Guy", is indicative of their high energy, humor-laced rock songs, gaining them comparisons to Thin Lizzy and Electric Six. What has been recorded for their next album, on the other hand, presents the intelligence and complexity that really shows the band's true potential.

A typical Mantasy show is a guaranteed good time. You'll laugh, you'll dance, you'll trash, and you'll enjoy a band enjoying themselves. With a solid repertoire of over 40 songs, every show contains enough variety to satisfy anyone looking to have fun. Each member of the band has a unique personality and style that is reflected in the music, and every Mantasy song has that special touch that is instantly recognizable.

The Mantasy boys have been living under the same roof for some time now, and are a pretty tight-knit group. Dzxf (Jeff) Massey's unique vocal stylings weave through his riff-oriented guitar parts to situate each song in both the past and the future, which is aided by bassist Keegan Lam, whose melodic prog bass lines keep things playful yet serious. Keyboardist Chris Lauzon adds funky spook rock hooks that are as catchy as he is handsome, while drummer Michael MacKay ties it all together with his unlimited supply of intricate rock and fusion beats, giving each song its own unique sound.


Back In Time

Written By: Jeff Massey

I went back in time
Everyone was young again
I was still the same old man.

Father Superior

Written By: Jeff Massey

How’d you sneak up? How’d I strike your chord?
It’s like the hick-ups; like all the nails in boards
in all the forests, on all the forest floors
becoming crucifixion sandals on maternity wards
So what’s the sound mean? That creaking under their feet
What was the first thing that they thought of before they started to bleed?
You are a cheetah, you are a reason to breed,
an open invitation, I’m letter opener shaped like a giraffe with jewels for eyes, yes

*Evil rival, tennis elbow, swallow sparrow, till the morrow, arrow viro, oblong pie-hole, smoke and marrow, blow for piro, El Diablo, So-Ho Cairo, Hollyvood and Vino, Rhino, White White Rhino, snow-blind silo, zombie go-go, non non, oui oui, row boat, scapegoat, cut throat, sewn oats, grown outs, pwned ghost, toast

**Father Superior, Father Superior

Rock Like That

Written By: Jeff Massey

Can you rock like that?
No you can’t!
Can you rock like that all over the world
Can you rock like that every boy every girl
Can you rock!

Fuck Sakes

Written By: Jeff Massey / Mike MacKay

Fuck sakes, put on the breaks
Fire up the grill, and throw on the steaks
No-clump mascara, zero clumps
Superstitious spritzer with your Reebok pumps ON!

*Shit yeah! sorry, ‘salright x4
Come on
All night long

Fuck sakes, I’m flooding your gates
You are the eraser and I’m the mistake
No conversation, save your breath
Blow it all on kisses or just puff up your chest OW!


King of the highway
Gambler! Sucker!
Chick-magnet man
King of the highway


2008 - We Killed A Guy

Set List

We have enough material for two 45 minute sets, and we are currently working on rehearsing and recording for our second album - so there are many more songs to come!

Back In Time
Free Dumb
Meat Legs
Gorno Mob
Do We Rock
Fuck Sakes
Aberham Lincon
Rock Like That
Father Superior
Fictional Character
Millionaire Escapades
Shit Slug
Driving Mad
Rock & Roll Dream

Jukebox Reanimated
Deny The Manticore
The Moment
Fuck Your Disorder
Another Man's Cigarette
Scratch That

The Brown
Christ Child
A Beasts A Beast
Cocktail In The Face
Evisceration Funk
We Got Trucks
Undead Woman