Man the Clap

Man the Clap


We combine all styles of music into our own unique sound and love surprising the audience with our musical diversity. Our main goal is to have people love our music and at the same time be mystified by it.


What is Man The Clap? It's a band as unique as the name. We pull from our various backgrounds creating a whirlwind of music that can be dialed into as many different channels as one can think. We have been called “an eclectic aftertaste that gives its fans musical hangovers capable of cracking concrete.” (Reno News and Review) We are funk, we are rock, we are dance, we are southern blues, we create music, we create atmosphere, and we create something that has never been heard before. We are postmodern. We pull from the past and turn it into something completely new. We are lesser Gods. So please, won’t you Man The Clap.


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Set List

Our typical set list goes as follows:
1.The Jackhammer- a 13 minute long blues epic filled with sexual innuendo
2. Same Routine- a 4 minute long rock/funk groove about the need to be free
3. Wasted- a 3 1/2 minute long hard rock driven riff about the joys of women who are very intoxicated
4. Cover song- Tom Petty or Steve Miller usually
5. Pale Horse of Jerusalem- Our most unique song, this song is around 13-15 minutes and consists of three parts, the bluesy western riff about life as a cowboy, then to the funky breakdown about Shaka Kahn, and into the bass solo/african drum beat which leads back into one more line of the Shaka Kahn riff.
6. Tap on my Window- the 3 minute long ode to cheesy 60's pop
7. Funk experimentation- usually 3-5 minutes where we make up a groove on the spot, with guitar solos and everything
8. Otherside- a 6 1/2 minute long (more than 1 minute longer than the recorded version) reggae influenced song about death

Total Concert time: near 1 hour