Mantler is a pop project with shadings of R&B, melodrama, mix tapes, shopping malls, experimental films, Herman Melville, and eternal hope in the face of everyday despair.


Chris A. Cummings (aka Mantler) was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1969. Although he studied classical piano and wrote pop songs as a young child, it was not until his mid-twenties that he realized his vocation as a songwriter.

As a DJ in early-nineties Toronto, Cummings frequented record stores and fairs, where a chance encounter with another record collector changed his life. A Fender Rhodes electric piano existed in a rehearsal space in Mississauga, he learned, but the band that rehearsed there didn't have a piano player. Cummings joined the band for weekly rehearsals for one year, following which he bought a Wurlitzer electric piano and began composing songs on his own. He chose the name Mantler, feeling that it reflected both the humour and the seriousness of his work.


Doin' It All (Le Systeme, 2000)
Sadisfaction (Tomlab, 2002)
Landau (Tomlab, 2004)

Set List

1 set
30 minutes
College Park
Comes A Daybreak
You Were Free
Outside The Arcade
Shadows and Counterparts