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"Mantler - Monody"

...the album echoes some soul classicism that it really peaks, whether it’s from the uplifting Stax-imitation brass or some funky clavichord part. Mantler might be retracing familiar steps with these styles and at times it could border on homage, but it is done in such a remarkably coherent manner that it’s impossible not to enjoy this. Had “Fortune Smiled Again” been released thirty years ago it would have featured on many soul compilations by now. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with taking cues from Marvin Gaye, and Isaac Hayes deserves more credit anyway....
the beauty of this album is in it’s value as a complete recording, almost everything about Monody is highly accomplished. It’s an uncommonly smooth album with virtually no real weaknesses. - Adequacy - Euan Wallace

"Our Pop Future: Mantler"

The white tuxedo-jacketed alter ego of Chris Cummings, who has been an assistant manager of the Toronto International Film Festival and an avid cinemateque goer for over 20 years. A devotee of Motown music and Burt Bacharach, Cummings started making music in the mid-'90s when his funkafied pop was still an anomaly. He released his first album Doin' It All in 2000 and kept going, producing 2002's Sadisfaction, 2004's Landau and 2010's Monody. (please follow link to continue reading).... -


DOIN' IT ALL (Le Systeme, 2000)
SADISFACTION (Tomlab, 2002)
LANDAU (Tomlab, 2004)
MONODY (Tin Angel, 2010)



Originally a home-recording project, Mantler aka Chris A. Cummings. Playing a wurlitzer electric piano accompanied by a 1970s Rhythm Ace drum machine, Mantler has made many fans among Toronto's music community and more recently across the Atlantic in the UK and Europe since joining forces with Tin Angel Records.

Beginning with the longer, moody songs of 2000's DOIN' IT ALL, released on James Duncan's Le Systeme label, and continuing through 2002’s SADISFACTION, the first Mantler album to be released on Germany’s Tomlab label, Cummings sought to impose tighter controls over his song structures, culminating in LANDAU (Tomlab, 2004), which also marked his first usage of programmed beats and interlocking parts, and was also the first Mantler album to be completely produced by longtime associate Zack G.

LANDAU was rated #15 on Rolling Stone Germany’s Critic’s Chart in 2004.

The newest Mantler album MONODY, co-produced by Zack G, Jeremy Greenspan (Junior Boys) and Leon Taheny (Final Fantasy), was released on Tomlab and Tin Angel.

In addition to playing live regularly in Toronto, Cummings made short solo tours of Italy and Germany in 2004, and also toured Europe and the UK in 2007 opening for Constellation artist Sandro Perri (Polmo Polpo).

Seen last year again on tour with Sandro Perri, Mantler performed at Canada Blast inTrafalgar Square and The Barbican alongside label mate, Devon Sproule. During this visit 'I've Been Destroyed' made single of the week on BBC 6 Music.