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Power Of Sound
(Bad Mann Records)

The debut album from MANNTRAS' is a peek into the world of a songwriter clearly wrapped in the world of love. 'Power of Sound' could be classified as 11 tracks of soft rock love songs, simple yet pleasant to the ear. Produced by Daniel Jones of Savage Garden fame at Level 7 studios in Sydney, the sound is crisp and clear with minimal grabs and effects. The keys in track 6 'Harmony' give a unique finish to the song while track 4 'Special' lends itself to the Whitlams with a tad more polish and less guff. Track 10 'One In A Million' could easily have been the theme song for this past Valentines Day for any dude attempting to woo his chosen mate. A rounded and mature finish with track 11 'Save Me' which certainly to me is the choice pick on the album. - TSUNAMI MAGAZINE


When international singing sensation Daniel Jones described Mantra's music as the most exciting thing he had been involved in since Savage Garden, it was the injection of credibility the Coast-based rock band had been seeking.
With the help of Jones, who is currently producing their first album, they are now hoping to become overnight sensations after a mere 10 years of plying their trade.
Lead singer guitarist and chief songwriter Andrew Mann said the association with Jones began after they "shopped" around a demo of their music.
"We sent it out to all these people and Daniel got back to us and said he loved it," Andrew explained. "It just blew us away.
"We set up a meeting with him and instead of taking in another demo I just went in with my guitar and played him some stuff. He said he was impressed with the vocal ability and the songs, and was interested in producing our music.
"He has the complete overview of what it takes to get to the top of the charts and for a guy like that to tip a band as being hot, they have to have commercial appeal or you are just waisting his time."
Having a professional recording made with the help of one of Australia's most successful recording artists is a dream that a dejected and impoverished Andrew would never have guessed at 10 years ago.
Along with his parents, Andrew journeyed to the Solomon Islands to open a recording studio. The business failed and the family lost everything but Andrew refused to give up his goal of being in the music industry.
"It destroyed us financially," Andrew - 28, and now living at Alexandra Headland explained.
"Dad and I came back from the Solomon Islands empty-handed. We had sold off the car, furniture, fridge and everything else we had to get there and lost the lot, so we were sleeping on the floor of a unit and using an esky as a fridge and a cardboard box as a table.
"Then dad saw an ad for a busker out the front of a fish and chip shop in Mooloolaba. I was very angry at losing everything but I didn't want it to dictate the rest of my life so I started busking all over the Sunshine Coast.
"I guess you could say I am a true live act and have worked at it from the ground up."
While the Solomon Island trip was a financial disaster, it lead to an artistic partnership and a life long friendship with Mick Quinn who was himself involved as a session musician and arranger in a Solomon Island Music studio.
The beginning of the group began when Andrew met and started performing with drummer James Morrisson around south east queensland.
Andrew has been working in the music industry for 10 years, over five of those with James Morrisson, primarily playing cover gigs.
Andrew hopes the vibrant music scene of the Coast can add to the incredible reputation Brisbane is receiving internationally as a live music destination.
"Billboard Magazine recently pinpointed the Brisbane region as one of the top five in the world to watch this year for original music ," Andrew said excitedly.
Andrew reeled off an impressive list of Brisbane-based bands that had entered the big time, including the Bee Gees, the Go Betweens, Regurgitator, Powder Finger, the Church and, of course Savage Garden.
"Being on tour and in the music industry is a test of endurance. It is not just about talent and having the look, It's more about your ability to persevere." - Sunshine Coast Daily


Our hits for Missy Higgins, Support act, emerging Coast performer Andrew Mann.

For Coast performer Andrew Mann, of Alexandra Headland, his big stage debut was a world away from his first gigs at Cotton Tree - strumming his heart out with his own style of pop-rock outside the local fish and chip shop.
- Sunshine Coast Daily


LP - 'POWER OF SOUND' Tracks off MANNTRAS' debut album are receiving
airplay throughout the Pacific region.




Personal Management : The Lamplight Group
Contact : Don Morrisson
Mobile : 61+ 0412 963 171
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From the street to the floor of Daniel Jones' recording studio

Gifted musician and songwriter, Andrew Mann and his band Mantra, are releasing their highly anicipated debut album, Power of Sound, following it's creation alongside of respected producer, Daniel Jones.

Andrew's story comes from the street to the studio floor where renowned producer, Daniel Jones, who is famous for his work as part of well-known Australian band Savage Garden, commited on the spot to producing the debut CD.

"When they met, Andrew sat on the floor in Daniel's studio with his guitar and sang through a dozen or more of his songs. Daniel referred to Andrew's music as, "sounding like Matchbox 20 on steroids!" Andrew's personal manager, Don Morrisson said. "He was also completely knocked out by his amazing voice."

Born in Orange, NSW Andrew's family soon moved to Papua Niu Guinea where he spent his first 18 years of his life. Before moving back to Australia to the Sunshine Coast, Andrew's parents invested in a recording studio in the Solomon Islands.

It was during his time in P.N.G that Andrew got his first feel for music. He was sick in bed one day when his father brought him a beginners book on guitar playing and handed him his first guitar.

"My life was changed from that point on," Andrew said. "From the first chord I learnt to play I was drawn to and driven by the endless possibilities of melody and sound in song writing."

Not long after settling into their new life on Queensland's Sunshine Coast the studio investment turned out to be an unthinkable con which resulted in his family losing losing their life savings and belongings. All efforts to recover their possessions were in vain and they were left empty handed.

"We had nothing. we had an esky for a fridge, two folding chairs and a cardboard box for a dining table and we slept on the floor, so it was a really tough time for us all", Andrew said.

With no money, Andrew turned to life as a busker where he began his musical career on the footpaths of the Sunshine Coast. Paired with his trusty guitar case turned money box, he frequented the local cafes in search of stardom.

"I never conciously thought what to do with my life, something I think I am fortunate for. It has always been music for me, it's an obsession," Andrew said.

It was during this time he met drummer, James Morrisson and over the ensuing four years they performed as a duo in pubs and clubs up and down the Queensland coast. It was after Don Morrisson (James' father) began managing the act that the guys formed the band. Mantra.

Don said that Andrew's passion for writing great songs with strong melody and evocative words, besides his self-will to succeed, was really what has been the driving force behind his successes to date.

The title Power of Sound represents Andrew's journey of self-discovery in life and the amazing experiences music has given him. The album contains a mixture of upbeat melodies such as I Wanna Love to rich lyrics and wistful choruses illustrating the joys and tribulations of life like Love Will Set You Free and Through With Falling In Love to tales of strength in the track Harmony