East Hanover, New Jersey, USA

He is studying a Master Degree in Divinity (Theology) at Drew University and resides in Madison, NJ. He currently serves as leader and coordinates the Praise & Worship at First United Methodist Church in Dover, NJ. He began the process to be Ordained Minister and Pastor.



MANUEL ISLAS was Born in Santurce and raised in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. He grew up and formed in a family of leaders and people engaged in ministries and planting churches in Puerto Rico, Latin America and Spain. Influenced by his two cultures from his mother the Puerto Rican blood and by his father the Mexican heritage and from both the Music. He studied in Puerto Rico his Bachelor of Business Administration with Marketing and has a background in Christian Education and Pastoral Studies. His encounter and experiences with God inspires him to invite other to live the Kingdom of God and enter a dimension of conscience, justice, progressive and transformational life.

He began the first steps in creative arts at an early age when he was discovered by two elementary school teachers in 3rd Grade. Since then he has continued to delight audiences with his powerful and distinctive voice. His ministerial in speaking and music career has taken him to achieve great success, blessing and fulfillment in his life and ministry.

His charismatic ministry uniting Music and Word have led him to occupy a special place in the hearts of children, youth and adults who have heard his message. His musical performances and workshop in praise and worship, developed new talent, ministries with youth and childhood, and the integration of creative arts in worship. This ministry has exercised in different areas locally, in and out of Puerto Rico and United States. His vision and dream flow as the bridge in the pastoral call to impact interdenominational and interreligious exposition between diverse nationalities, nations and barriers of transgressions and oppression.