Man Will Destroy Himself
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Man Will Destroy Himself

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"I told MWDH vocalist, Earthworm, that I was going to describe his band's music as "screamo". He gave me the finger, which is the perfect response to my kidding remark. Earthworm, who's been a friend of mine for years, hates "screamo", "emo", or whatever the fuck pussys who like that shit call it, just as much as I despise it. My girlfriend Helen even says "emo" has no balls. Now be that as it may, on this three song CD MWDH come off sounding closer to old Death Metal (minus the cookie monster vocals) than Hardcore. This is especially evident on the first cut "Subdivide" which opens with a soundbite from the movie Planet of the Apes.That cut flows right into the second one "Bloodflow", with it's bombastic sound and raw vocals that'll strip a few nerves. This is the type of band that needs to play a home full of alztimers patients. They'll shock the senses back into them. I can't wait to see them again.." - Scumfeast Metal Zine

Our tracks on the TCKF comp received review from Erik, of Lords of Metal, which stated of MWDH's submission;

..."Man Will Destroy Himself (most groovy band of the CD with superb vocals!)"
- Lords of Metal

Of our contributions to the compilation, the following was stated;
"A lot of noise, lots of noise, and it's not about nothing: MAN WILL DESTROY Himself are raw, rough, tough, angular, wummerig, square, sympathetic unsympathetic, thereby fulfilling all the attributes in short order we liked to be here and to this compilation to stand." - Metal.DE

of our contributions to the compilation, the following was stated;
"MAN WILLDESTROY HIMSELF - beautifully controlled, you can somehow describe as a grind rock, both pieces "fuse" and "Empty" is absolutely antesten, very cool!" - Stormbringer

of our contributions to the compilation, the following was stated;
" The surprise of "This Comp Kills Fascist" are MAN WANTS TO DESTROY himself, which not only can shoot, but also an evil, nihilistic Groove have going for them. Hervorragender Lärm, davon brauche ich mehr. Excellent noise, which I need more. " - Vampster

...Man Will Destroy Himself use punky melodies and it’s conceivable to picture uncontrolled bouts of stomping and pogo dancing and fascists being trampled under foot. - Decibel Magazine


MWDH have released the following material:

3 song cd-r e.p. : MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF - s/t - povertyisviolence / Extremely Baked records

8 song cd-r / digital download : MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF - "Nation of Ashes" - povertyisviolence records

MWDH has appeared on the following compilations;

v/a - "In All Your Decadence People Die" - Unity & Strength Records

v/a "This Comp Kills Fascists Vol.1" - Relapse Records

Our material has been streamed from a great number of web sites, and receives airplay on a number of Satellite radio stations, and traditional FM stations.



This band is comprised of five individuals who have worked together in various other bands and projects over the years. we came together with the idea of satisfying our own personal needs to play a form of loud, fast, heavy music that did not exist in our area.