All girls, heavy metal, rockin' originals. High energy.


A sandwich is a sandwich, but a Manwitch is a meal!Recovering from Hurricane Katrina, the members of Manwitch have continued to rock it hard. Nirvana, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, L7 come to mind when listening to these ladies.


Leather Jacket

Written By: Mika Anami/Manwitch

Speed could set us free as the
night goes on and on
It's getting crazy down in New Orleans when you're
looking for that someone someone
I'm so tired of feeling guilty
Where we going baby
You look good in my Leather Jacket
You'll be gone before you know it


Pass the Circle bar, pass the Dixie
We're on the avenue taking it easy
Here we go, we're going faster and faster
I'm getting even with Streetcar named Disaster

She went down

Written By: Sue Ford/Manwitch

She went down
He said the wrong side of town
She went down

Well you can't believe the monkey
when he's tied to your back
Can't believe the monkey
When he's eating that sweet sugar smack
She went down and this time she's never coming back

She's cryin' poor
she's breakin' down your door
She's cryin' poor
Can you help her, she's gotta have some more, more, more
She went down, she's gonna even up that score

Rock Road

Written By: Sue Ford/Manwitch

Old Rock Road lyin' by the sea side
new sail boat another yuppy buys
Oh what a rough road, oh what a rough life
Take a job and take a wife

It's getting weirder and wilder, dancing with the voodoo child.
Found the high priestess is just a man in a dress.

Oo, rock road
Oo, takes it's toll

You think you got it all figured out
you just stand there and scream, you just stand there and shout
I can see it in your eyes
You have lost you soul, you have lost your desire


Their single "Leather Jacket" can be heard on Myspace/Manwitch. Soon to be appearing in a documentary featuring and produced by The Edge.

Set List

All original, 40-50 minute sets. Song Titles:
Get you Some, Movin' In-Movin' Out, She lingers,
She went down, Ms. Mae's, Red Light, You won't let me, Leather Jacket, Rock Road, Unresolved
Anyurism is our only cover.