Many Birthdays

Many Birthdays

 Austin, Texas, USA

DIY free art life death love music project from Austin, TX


Many Birthdays is a music project that started in Osaka, Japan and continued in Austin, TX. Over the years the band has self-released multiple home-recordings, EP's and remixes, played numerous shows both local and regional, toured nationally, scored music for a full length animation film, and written and performed a live-score for a feature silent film. Many Birthdays is a unique entity that has ebbed and flowed for over a decade, but continues to strive to put art, creativity and poetry as its main focus, with a strong DIY, music-is-whatever-you-want-it-to-be ethic that ultimately has no boundaries in style or genre.


Kagami (2017)
Message for You (2016)
Ancient Bird (2016)
3 Ghosts of Xmas (2015)
Black Mountain Blue Sea EP (2014)
Mixture of Blood and Heart (2013)
Spirit World (2012)
Love Is Insecure (2012)
Animalectric (2011)
Alphabet Hotel (2011)
You and Me (2011)
Emptiness Is Forever EP (2009)
Days of Beat / Days of Hollow EP (2006)
Sub Rapid Express (2005)