ManyMental Mistakes

ManyMental Mistakes

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

ManyMental Mistakes is a power trio, two girls and one guy. Their weird blend of psychedelic post-punk and crazy energetic shows has taken the Montreal underground scene by storm. It's gonna hit hard on California in the spring, don't miss this!!!

They have been quoted Montreal's best kept secret!


Manymental Mistakes is a savage band mixing a good base of weird punk and massive drums to achieve a distinctive sound. Members of the band, singer/guitarist EVA STONE, drummer MJ and bassist VAAAN, like to describe their sound has a psychedelic-post-punk mixture. Raised with deconstructed rhythms, through screaming melodious vocals, abrasive guitars, heavy basses, and spasmodic drums (sometimes even tribal ones), the band has been banging on Montreal’s eardrums since 2006.

After playing many live venues, all the way to 2007, MMM comes out with it’s first opus, SEPTEMBER SESSIONS, on home-made label MANYMENTAL RECORDS. Automatically compared to the first Sonic Youth albums and grunge or girl riot bands like Erase Errata, Bikini Kill or the early years of Hole, the release is followed by a serie of concerts from Canada to the States, building a considerable hype. Performances of MANYMENTAL MISTAKES get known by crowds to be totally unleashed, sweaty, with visuals that increase blood pressure, guitar attacks and mott balls (in case one of your senses was left alone).

It’s by early 2009 that the group definitely leaves behind artificial devices and turn their live experimental jams into shorter tracks, refined, yet even more psychedelic. CLEAN THE BLOODY TAPE is the striking result of these last years. A fully texturised EP of 5 tracks, where distortion collides with nuances of highly satirical texts and EVA and VAAAN happily drowning in delay. D.I.Y to the bone, CLEAN THE BLOODY TAPE was recorded and mixed on analog 4 tracks in their studio by EVA, and masterised by Étienne Chan kane (The Sound of Sea Animals). Just the injection of frenzy you needed to keep your head banging the wall.

Then came 2011, they took everything they did so far, put it in the blender, went into a professional studio and released Trois, a 6 song 12'', their best work so far. Recorded and produced by Marc Déry and Michel Dagenais, it has the essence of the band, loud and complex drums, textured and present bass sound, frantic razor-sharp guitar on a transcendant voice. Raw, wicked and tight. All in one! Those catchy rhythms are yet complex and structural to give the sound it's unique texture.

4 new songs have been recorded by Michel Dagenais, keep your eye out for a blazing new ep really soon...

''ManyMental Mistakes, is Montreal's best kept secret. It's post-punk, it's rock. It's sexy, it's dangerous.'' -Bang Bang

They've opened for great bands such as Numbers, Serena Maneesh, Aids Wolf, Tyvek, Monotonix and Mudhoney and this is just a start. Keep your eyes open for them in the near future because they will make a lot of noise...


September Sessions : album (cd-r)

Clean The Bloody Tape : Ep (cd-r)

Trois : 6 song 12''

Set List

-Am I lost
-Call Me
-Birthday Party
-Kill Kill Kill
-Death Proof

The set is about 35-40 minutes long