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"Under Review - Man Your Horse"

Local Vancouver band Man Your Horse’s debut EP Tails presents six dynamic songs that bring the listener along for some some musical mental gymnastics.

The songwriting is tongue-in-cheek and each track is associated with a different animal, bringing to mind something of an indie-rock Aesop’s fables. One such tale—about a hydrophobic polar bear on a melting ice flow—allegorically expounds on the fear of the inevitable. The opening song, “Adult Behaviour,” is about coming to terms with one’s role as an adult and learning to cope with the pressures of adult life—as told from the point of view of a hunted pubescent jaguar.

Man Your Horse channels a host of influences, from Tom Waits to the Mars Volta. There’s a lot going on musically on the six tracks, which you might expect from a group who describes their music as “math/soul.” A little ostentatious perhaps, but Tails delivers. The rhythms are complex and varying, often going through three or four different time signatures over the course of a song. There are traces of blues and prog-rock and the the distortion-drenched guitar also cycles through time signatures at a rapid pace, keeping the listener on their toes.

For a self-released first release, this is a strong showing from the creative rockers. Their high-energy sound, creative musicality and entertaining lyrics blend well; the recipe for one heck of a live show. For a healthy dose of cerebral indie-rock, keep an eye out for Man Your Horse. - Discorder Magazine

"tails EP review"

Hey! It’s an actual review! Real site content! Well, I’ve been kinda under the weather lately but today I’m feeling a lot better and I really wanted to get a review of the Man Your Horse Tails EP up since Julian was nice enough to come and visit me at work last week and put a fresh copy in my hands.

So what to say? Well first off, the EP is a total success insofar as it looks good, sounds good, is well packaged, well recorded and really shows the diversity of the band. It really is an excellent recording and one most welcome in our collection. Although comprised of just six tracks, you really feel that you’re listening to a full-length album not because the songs are overly-long (they’re not) but because it’s obvious that a ton of time and effort went into the recordings. We love rough and tumble EPs recorded over the span of a weekend too, but this is clearly not one of those and the care that went into it really shows. (Editor’s Note: Apparently the entire EP was recorded in one night at their own jam space. Jesus Murphy!)

The only fault that I could find, really, was that each song on the EP is so different that the project as a whole seems to lack full cohesion. Man Your Horse have only been around for just over one year, but this EP almost comes off as a career retrospective featuring very different music styles, time signatures and even lead vocals (often within the same song). Julian Marrs can sing like nobody’s business. That’s beyond question, but what I’m wondering is if he has yet to choose a vocal style of his own as the vast differences tend to come more from him than from the rest of the band.

But then again, what do I know? If you watch their live performances (see below), you’ll see exactly how everything comes together live. Any criticisms that can be found with Man Your Horse are merely nitpicking. Julian, Scott and Calum comprise a very dynamic band with a lot of talent and a great stage presence and they really deserve a good listen. - the Aural Kinetic (


at most : at least (2010)
Tails EP, 2009
Albatrocity, 2008 (LP)

Degrassi: The Next Generation (Season 9; Episode 2) 2009

Charting on Canadian college radio

Saturday Morning Poke Radio Podcast; Calgary, AB



Playing fast and slow, loud and soft and crafting songs influenced by the natural world with strong animal themes, man your horse invites you to mount what moves you and ride like the wind.