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"Maoláin - The El Mocambo, Toronto - March 21, 2012 Canadian Music Week"

My decision to take a peek at the action on the top floor of the El Mocambo resulted in experiencing the evening’s highlight performance, but for a few anxious minutes, it looked like it might not even happen. Event staff scrambled around testing connections in an effort to get the keyboard to emit sound and appeared more stressed out than Maoláin’s (pronounced Mullen) own keyboardist who coolly reset the software to get it working. That cool, calm and collected demeanor is really what about Maoláin is all about.

The five “good old boys” had the crowd’s attention for their entire set, performing a perfect of blend of foot-stomping Celtic, rockabilly and alt-country songs. It’s the type of music that energizes a room, gets arms swinging, toes tapping and goes down smooth with cold beer. My personal favourite was “Workin’ at the Whiskey Still”, a roots country and bluegrassy blend of Dwight Yoakum, Johnny Cash, and Steve Earl’s “Copper Head Road”. Maoláin consists of a fun bunch of guys having a good time and it’s highly contagious. - Lithium Magazine

"Sky Battle 2013 Photos and Report"

The bands battling rocked out the stage programme in this order:

1. Camel Tones, a local band whose self-titled debut EP was released in November, 2010.
2. The Jones, an indie-rock band that has been a mainstay of the Toronto underground music scene since 2006 and released their second album, “Midnight,” in early 2012.
3. Maoláin (just say “Mullen”), a five-piece band that combines thick harmonies with riff-driven songs to produce a big, acoustic rock sound.
4. Cousin Rufu, a local band with a self-described “pop rock soul” sound.

The ultimate winner was Maoláin, who were awarded the headlining musical slot at the upcoming 2nd Annual Toronto Wing Fest, presented by RCTS, on May 10th. - Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline


Seize The Day (Album) 2011



Maoláin, the gaelic spelling of Mullen, is a five-piece band that combines thick harmonies with riff-driven songs to produce a big, acoustic rock sound. Led by Jordan McMullen, whose powerful vocals instantly grab your attention, Maoláin effectively blends rock with a variety of other genres including alternative, country, Celtic, folk and blues. The result is an organic rock sound that instantly draws the audience in.