Maple Falls

Maple Falls


Maple Falls is anyplace and everyone, in other words - country and folk. Meghan Maike and Ryan Elliot, two songwriters based in Montreal, create a soundscape rich in harmonies and textures, darkness and light.


Maple Falls came together in the early, icy days of 2005 in Montreal, Quebec. Two singer-songwriters, Meghan Maike and Ryan Elliot, began sharing stories and songs with one another, and quickly claimed local guitarist, Colt Cousins, and drummer Marek Safr. This collaborative group takes notes from many musical genres from motown to folk, but tend more towards country storytellers and balladeers such as Lucinda Williams, Gram Parsons, Steve Earle and Emmylou Harris.
Playing to local crowds around Montreal is key to fostering Maple Falls' sense of family and community, but they love to get miles of road under their feet and have played to warm and receptive crowds in Vancouver, BC, and at the Islands Folk Festival in 2007.


Maple Falls is currently recording their debut album.

Set List

Set duration may vary for this versatile group, depending on the venue or the band lineup. Maple Falls have played as a duo (Ryan & Meghan), and both electric and acoustic. A typical set is 45 - 60 minutes including the following original songs:
Down That Road
Without You
Ain't Comin' Around
The Light
Spanish Bar
Hollywood Ending
The River Song
Heaven Lost My Number