Maple Mars

Maple Mars

 Los Angeles, California, USA

See our new video here: Time travelers from a era when psychedelic rock/pop was king! Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Guided By Voices, Flaming Lips, Rogue Wave, Beatles, Zombies, Brian Wilson.


Arriving by time machine from the psychedelic era Maple Mars landed on the Los Angeles pop scene in the year 2000. Fronted by ex-Double Naught Spies singer-songwriter Rick Hromadka, their psychedelic pop/rock debut album "Welcome To Maple Mars" (Permanent Press Recordings) was recorded in guitarist Steve Bern's apartment. Industry mags such as Billboard, Album Network, Mojo, Hits Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and many online publications touted the album as one of the best indie pop-rock records of 2001. As their journey progressed Maple Mars recorded two more albums borrowing stylings from homeland bands like Pink Floyd, The Who, ELO, and the Beatles. Their fourth album "Galaxyland" released in March of this year is currently receiving massive college/internet radio play, as well as rave reviews ("A psychedelic masterpiece" - Twirl Radio) and may be their most acclaimed album yet.

Drummer Ron Pak, producer/guitarist Steve Berns, and "chef to the stars" bassist Trevor Zimmerman are the travelers who, along with singer-songwriter guitarist Rick Hromadka, have taken their influences to new territories as shown in their latest video "Starting Over (Again)" which was directed by Mark Helfrich (Dandy Warhols). The video "Transcendental Guidance", also from "Galaxyland" peaked at number #27 on Neil Young's "Living With War" website. The band has toured both coasts of the US, and in Europe. Maple Mars have appeared on a variety of pop compilations from countries as diverse as Sweden, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, which has brought the band an international following.
Landing in Los Angles from New Haven, Ct, Rick Hromadka first found a day job at Saban Entertainment penning songs for a variety of film and TV teen shows like Breaker High, Sweet Valley High, and the Power Rangers; also getting a track on the Power Rangers movie Turbo. Hromadka formed the power-trio group The Visionaries and released "Every Other Saturday" on Wrecking Ball Records. The band morphed into Double Naught Spies and was a fixture in LA with their heavy 70's rock influence and melodic vocal arrangements. Their 1999 release "The Shoephone Conspiracy" (Cherry Boy Records) with engineer/co-producer Richard Bosworth (Dramarama, Wondermints, The Knack) brought the band major notoriety; being added to a number of college radio play lists, and was re-released in Japan on Air Mail Recordings.

Rick's music has been used in several films and TV shows including Ropewalk, Piñata: Survival island, King Cobra, Dangerous Obsessions, ER, Thirdwatch, Felicity, The West Wing, Friday Night Lights, and many more. Rick Hromadka is also a successful feature film sound designer, and has won three Emmys for sound editorial.

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Beautiful Mess

Written By: Rick Hromadka

Beautiful Mess
by Rick Hromadka

It all began the other day a long time ago
And now it seems it’s always been there, deep in my soul
Fell into the chaos when I fell into the hole
I took a ride, out to the island – Oh
I used to be a sensible man
But now just don’t know where I stand

In this beautiful mess
Such a beautiful mess
And under the stress, it’s a beautiful…

Wonder how life got so cluttered, when it seemed so clear
Everything I focused on began to disappear
Lost my direction in a car I couldn’t steer
Took a chance, on a rescue – oh
My place was at the top of heap (for such a long time)
Now I’m standing more than knee deep

In this beautiful mess
Such a beautiful mess
And under the stress it’s a beautiful…

First Chick In Space

Written By: Rick Hromadka

First Chick In Space

Is it any wonder that her star is always bright
She was the first chick in space
She was the first chick in space
Think of her what you want to
but soon she’ll make you smile
She was the first chick in space
She was the first chick in space

And she wants just to shine
While her fantasies are another thing
With her charm she may climb to the sky

Sifting through the colors of her rainbow mackreme
She was the first chick in space
She was the first chick in space
Cuddle up in her leanto
She’s trying to explain
She was the first chick in space
She was the first chick in space

She believes it’s all real
As she’s taking off on another dream
With a child’s soft gaze and a sigh

Tell me ‘bout your travels
Take me on your mystic ride

Big Imagination

Written By: Rick Hromadka

Big Imagination
by Rick Hromadka © 2009

It's gotta haunt you now
Even in paradise
you're still hiding
It's gotta leave you cold
Even in the desert heat
you're still shivering

It's gotta make you wonder why
You just can't identify

It's gotta make you laugh
Even on the saddest day
a child's funeral
What was the masterplan
Did it all evaporate
how long did you pretend

We were all just mystified
Were you ever satisfied

It must've took a big imagination to think of those things
You must've had a big imagination to win all those games
All it took was you're imagination to take those icy nights
Turn 'em into sunny days and make it all seem right
You always had another way to make it all seem right



Welcome To Maple Mars (Permenant Press) 2001
Circular Haze (Kool Kat Musik) 2004
Beautiful Mess (Kool Kat Musik) 2007
Galaxyland 2010


Sweet Relief Charity / Jam Records 2007 - US
The World According To You / Wizzard In Vinyl 2004 - Japan
International Pop Overthrow Vol5 2003 - US

Set List

Welcome To Maple Mars
First Chick in Space
Butterfly Effect
Face In The Crowd
Search For Tomorrow
Beautiful Mess
The Beginning
Breath Deep