Maple Stave

Maple Stave


Maple Stave is about give and take--restraint and release. Cinematic, but not maudlin. Technical, but not cold. Three instruments played by three friends to achieve a remarkable fullness of sound. Using music to communicate feeling lost, feeling triumphant, creating space, and closing it again.


Maple Stave is from Durham NC. We try to employ subtlety where brute strength might be the
norm, and bring loudness to bear where one would not expect it. We favor a shift in tone over a catchy
chorus. We enjoy the occasional change in meter rather than a guitar solo.
We've been honored to share the stage with the likes of Shipping News, Deerhoof, Hella, and Victory at Sea.


EP ONE, 2005
EP TWO, 2006

EP TWO has been receiving airplay on college stations around the country.

Set List

Typical set is either 20-25 or 35-40 minutes, depending on position on bill.

No covers.