Maple Sugar

Maple Sugar


We are a professional dance company.


We are a professional dance group that is fighting the uphill battle to convince events and festivals that a professional dance company should be treated as does a professional main stage band.

Maple Sugar has toured acorss Ontario last summer doing just that...performing on the Main Stage between band sets...showing that the art of dance and dancers should be recognized for thier art form as do bands. We look forward to festivals helping support the art of dance in up and coming shows, with Maple Sugar on the main stage list of performers.

Our summer tour schedule fills up extremely quickly as we had over 12 stops across Ontario last summer, which had us travelling every weekend through June-August!

Maple Sugar continues to be at the fore front of dance entertainment in Canada . After traveling across Ontario last summer for our first summer tour we have added a few more popular Canadian musical artists names to our already impressive line ups which include Stars, Marc Ekins in addition to Bedouin Soundclash, Metric and Wintersleep. The following is a review from one of the event coordinators.

We provide exciting family friendly main stage entertainment. We continue to bring excitment, fresh and new entertainment, to events and crowds of 10 000's across Ontario as we have been for the past 4 successful years. We bring crowds to your event, we entertain the crowds at your event and we keep the crowds at your event. Crowds don't stop to watch bands...but they stop to watch us. We keep the crowds at your event! Don't miss this opportunity to book Maple Sugar Canada 's All Canadian All Girl Professional Dance Company today before it's too late.

Maple Sugar is the All Canadian All Girl Professional Dance Company that provides main stage entertainment. Through passion, dedication and
determination Maple Sugar is a prevelant dance force in the performing arts. Maple Sugar is breaking the mold of dance entertainment.

Set List

4-5 dances per set each set 15 minutes with 4-6 dancers per set.