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Map Of France makes hybrid mutant hip-hop music. Hip-hop + alternative-hop + video game + indie + funk + psychadelica = hell yes. Not so much a band as a consortium of characters. Not so much a band as a heist of your show. Not so much a band as a black-op mega-corperation bent on domination.


It became apparent to the universe that it needed an ultra-sized meta-band that also possessed familial and institutional/corporate elements. The flyers for music shows should read, "not so much a rock group as an assemblage of personas". The lineage of this band, called hereafter "Map Of France", is as follows.

The name, claimed to have been derived from a depraved sexual innuendo, has never been explained by founding members Cory Burns and Matt Jackson, which has led to the widespread rumor that there is no innuendo and that the name is silly nonsense. The group was, at this primordial state, comprised of three. The already mentioned Matt and Cory, with Jesse Snyder completing the trio. Soon Snyder left, to play in a classic rock cover band called "Prysm", the remnants of which MOF would eventually absorb and put to brilliant use (the future..). MOF was then a duo, making bizarre rock-comedy horseshit. Seth Stenson joined, on vocals. Mark Chevillet joined on bass. In this four-peice setup we played many punk rock shows which tantalized the audiences with ridiculous fun appeal. Seth goes a bit nutty, leaves the group, everyone else leaves Spokane to pursue various life experiences.

In Seattle Matt Jackson (now Of) and Kevin Sotka (now Sodcrap) revive the MOF mantle to experiment with hiphop. Loads of bizarre and unpleasantly grimey tracks are produced and vocaled. Slowly a sound grew and other crew members became interested in collaborating. JJ Avery (Apeman), Tyler Polumsky (Bearded Man), Joshua Yates (Primate Ua), as well as two former Prysm members Jesse Snyder (Firedog) and Kyle Zielinski (RTP). Loads more tracks emerged. Then more members joined. Sam Cameron (Samcam), Erik Jusenius (Enkrypted), and Steve Porter (Steve-O) rounded out the ballooning roster, as well as sometime-present founder Cory Burns (Mr. Icelandic), who flys in and and does what he can when he can.

This band is a bulbous mass that seems to move as if puppeted by some other unseen force, that exists half-way seperate from any of the members personal identities or desires. Far too much going on inside the MOF entity for any of the single members to conceive of by themselves. Only in fleeting moments when they have all managed to really hit the flow could they maybe 'get' what the heck was going on with this 'band'.

Our music is we do whatever we want whenver we want to. We listen to: the Clash, Pink Floyd, Weapon of Choice, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Primus, Descendents, Aphex Twin, the Beatles, Built to Spill, Def Jux, any and all Madlib projects, Beastie Boys, Redman, Del and the Heiroglyphics, At the Drive In.

Our goal with music is to get everybody involved, going crazy doing whatever they want, collaborating with everyone all the time and constantly starting new fun and original music projects with no thought in regard to trying to hold back the flow of ideas.


2004 - Of 'Reactor//Replica', The Fargone 'In The Hills', MOF Presents 'Scenic Viewpoints Instrumentals'.

2006 - RTP 'The Accidental', Of 'Hot Lynx', Apeman 'The Evolution', Queen Anne Gentlemen 'Drunken Thoughts'.

Set List

Being that we have such a large entourage that we preform with, we don't really have a 'typical' set list. There are a massive amount of songs that we have to draw from, so we do so based upon the show/crowd that we will be performing for, and of course who will be available to perform. Sets typically are most comfortable around 45 minutes - 1 hour, with the possibility of multiple sets strong.

A recent show at Nectar in Seattle went like this:

1) Dogtown Intro - Intro track, introducing the group, full band backing.
2) Bus Ride - RTP Vocals, full band backing.
3) Taking it Back - Apeman & Of vocals. Of steps off the drums to don a mic, and the beat plays off an IPod while bass, drums, and keys are added.
4) Werkin' - Samcam and Enkrypted vocals. E steps off the mic to join Sammy, and they do one of their tracks to a drums, bass, guitar, and keys.
5) Chill Serum - RTP and Sodcrap vocals. Again, the beat switches to an IPod, with the addition of bass and guitar, which Of