Mapping the Audio Landscape

Mapping the Audio Landscape

 Colorado City, Colorado, USA

28 year professional. I have released/been a part of 13 recordings in 20 years. My first paying gig came at age 12 and I both rock, and roll. I am an active songwriter, husband, and father.


The son of a military musician/drummer I took to music at the age of 5. By the time I was 12 I was proficient at the snare drum, orchestral percussion, and clarinet. I was a practiced sight reader and avid learner. My first paying gig came at age 12 when I played snare drum with the Rosie O'Grady's Church Street Station Highlanders, a Scottish marching band. We wore full dress, kilt and all! I performed with the high school marching band most years spending half of my freshman year at Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange FL where I played quads and received the highest honors at the state competition. The second half of my freshman year I attended Walden III in Racine WI. I spent my time there learning what making mistakes felt like. My instructor was Al Clausen, the guitar writer/instructor. My sophomore through Senior years I played drums for Grant High School in Fox Lake, IL. My favorite times were spent playing the quads, probably why I took to the drumset so quickly, or vice-versa.I also performed with the musical production pit orchestra and the Pep band.

While a senior in high school I had a son. After high school I passed on college to work and play the drums in my first band. It is what I love to do. I spent ten years with Holeshot as their drummer. I was also the drummer for Overtone from 1997-2003, Daedulus from 2004-5, Four Letter Men (Lead Vocals) in 2004. I recorded drums on two tracks for Don Wilson's solo record. He is the lead singer of the Tribute Band MellenCougar. I performed with the Racine Symphony Orchestra in 1998. I took lessons from a few different local drummers for a wide range of chop flavor. I continue to study my art and I have been a guitar student for 8 years. I occasionally sing a song or two and I have recorded vocals as back ups and lead roles.

I went back to school in 2005. I received my Associate in Arts in 2008 from The College of Lake County in Grayslake Il, graduating with Honors. I continue to pursue my Bachelors degree in Colorado. 

Throughout my tenure as a musician in the Chicagoland area, I have donated my time to fund raising projects and to promoting the music our community creates. I donated my time to, a great local music website, active in the late 90's and early 2000's. I also co-hosted the radio Jstreet Radio on 98.3 FM in Round Lake IL. I spent 2009 and 2010 as a writer, editor, photographer, and graphic designer for Feedback Magazine. I released an online 'zine called On The Local Level that covers the local music scene. This is intended to be an affordable way to promote bands and concerts. It will also create another source of press for bands to utilize. The Oasis is a non-profit youth center in Grayslake Illinois. I donated my time to this organization for a few years, raising the funds to open the youth center along with other local musicians and the Loeffler brothers, of the band Chevelle.

I spent a few years touring with Cereboca. We released a 6 song self titled EP 2/15/2011. This followed up our first release (8/2009) titled "Fight a Stranger in the Alps." A made for tv line from the movie The Big Lebowski. 

I am currently working on my first solo release, a 5-6 song acoustic EP. This is a collection of songs I have written over the years and never really finished. Once this release is out (winter 2017), I will return my focus to writing with MAL. We have about a half dozen songs started and we will release an EP in late 2017.

This all comes second to being a husband and a father. 


1999 - Holeshot / Dump the Clutch 5 song EP
2000 - Overtone / First Born - Full Length
2001 - Holeshot / Who AM I - Full Length
2002 - Overtone / Secondary Effect - Full Length
2003 - Holeshot / Untitled EP
2004 - Four Letter Men / Demo (Lead Vocalist)
2005 - Daedulus / 4 Song EP
2006 - Mapping the Audio Landscape / Live at Swing State
2008 - Cereboca / 3 Song Demo
2009 - Don Wilson - Self Titled Full Length (drums on 2 tracks)
2009 - Cereboca / Fight a Stranger in the Alps Full Length
2011 - Cereboca / Self Titled EP

2013 - Ether Drift Theory - Lead guitar for live performances of the self titled EP

2013 - Mapping the Audio Landscape - Basement Tracks Demo (guitar/bass/drums/vocals)

2016 - Acoustic EP - Untitled - Solo effort