Maps of Columbus

Maps of Columbus

 Crewe, England, GBR

Stupidly good fun! When we ask fans to define what kind of music we are they come out with alternative, rock, powerpop, punk, pop-rock, you name it. We will put a smile on your face and put the fun back into music - the way it should be!


It has taken the death of two bands, and the evolution of a whale to get to this point.

We are Maps Of Columbus.

After playing only 5 gigs, Maps of Columbus have won the hearts of viewers with passionate performances and showing that there is still fun in music. A large portion of those gigs was a Battle of the Bands competition at Sheffield University which they wiped the board clean with a whopping 37/40 from the critics. These critics included a Kerrang radio host and Penny Blackham, manager of the Crookes. With this victory came the opportunity to support the acclaimed New Young Pony Club which they grasped with both hands. Booked on the horizon is a gig in Stockholm in Sweden in September and a tour of England. Next year, the band will be hoping to play the South by Southwest festival in Texas with some hard work and graft. Oh and they are having the time of their lives too!


Maps of Columbus - E.P. can be bought from

Streaming music on

We have had tracks played on The Cat (Crewe radio station), Forge Radio (Sheffield University Radio) and most recently BBC Radio Sheffield.

Set List

1. There Hasn't Been A Party This Good Since The Death Of Winston Churchill
2. The Rachel Papers
3. Figures
4. Medicate
5. Here's My Friend Dan McKenna
(Usually about 20 mins, but we have plenty more songs we can throw in there)