Clay Vaughan

Clay Vaughan

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Map the Sea has a genuine love for playing and listening to music. Every member has something and influences to contribute to the creative process which makes for a complex, diverse group.


Map the Sea is comprised of five young individuals who truly love to play music. Forget about flashy get-ups, meticulously styled hair, and over sampled music, guitarist Alex Fatkin generally plays without shoes on and other than using a metronome live, drummer Clay Vaughan refuses to over complicate the music with robotic beats and synths. MTS avoids the glamour and firmly believes the energetic live show they put on is enough for aesthetic purposes; apparently promoters feel the same. In the short nine months they have been a band, Map the Sea has shared the stage with accomplished bands such as Dear and the Headlights, Steel Train, Colour Revolt, and The Reign of Kindo.


Oklahoma Independent Artist Music Sampler '09

Set List

Our typical set lists consist of about five or six original songs, such as The Day I Planned, They Won't Know Me, Chemical Clouds, and Locating the Epicenter. Our sets are usually around thirty minutes and varies on how long we are given to play.