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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Where do we start with this PHENOMINAL group?......MAQ SENSE is the breathe of fresh air the INDUSTRY has been waiting on! MAQ SENSE is that STREET talk,STREET walk,HIP-HOP loving,HIP-HOP respecting,WANT that money like YOU do,GET that money like you WANT to,FLY dressing,CONFIDENT and at the sametime HUMBLE,well RESPECTED group alot of artist want and try to be but NEVER could "BaLaNcE" them all and form a HISTORICAL name for themselves without following TRENDS! MAQ SENSE(BEN HUSLIN and C-MAGIK)are the "FOUNDERS" and "HEADS OF THIS 2 HEADED BEAST" of a group!....C-MAGIK(the man behind the these BANGIN' beats you hear...and co-writer to these TRACKS YOU LOVE)and BEN HUSLIN(the CEO/PRESIDENT of NOWDATZ ENTERTAINMENT and co-writer of the group as well)....both of these talented artist got together and changed the way each other saw HIP-HOP and how people around them saw HIP-HOP and the funny thing about MADE SENSE,LOL!........BEN HUSLIN was an aspiring artist who always had the ideas,talent,DRIVE ,and the connections to make it in the industry but no product(recorded songs worthy of being pushed,because there was no LOYALTY with the people he worked with)....and got bored and developed a 5 year plan that not only gave him the IDEA to start the group but placed him back in contact with C-MAGIK. C-MAGIK was a local PRODUCER that had beats that were ready for the industry and linked up with super-PRODUCER ROCKWILDER and the rest is history!....C-MAGIK went on producing various songs for various artists locally and all over THE UNITED STATES but lost his drive to write rhymes anymore.BEN HUSLIN presented the offer to start a GROUP that not only COMPLIMENTED each other but MADE SO MUCH SENSE together THE WORLD would have no choice but to LOVE there spirit,minds,vibe,and most of all MUSIC and TALENT! BEN HUSLIN needed BEATS and C-MAGIK needed a SERIOUS artist to compliment his BEATS and through all that MAQ SENSE (make sense) was BORN..............please give feed back on every track uploaded............."We love our fan and RESPECT everyone's OPINION" THANK YOU!