Maquina de Turing

Maquina de Turing


Dense sub-lows , broken beats and dusky textures get gently entangled in an eclectic set with Proletaricratz's ultimate creations. The result is an audiovisual concert of distinctive nature, where each performance endeavors to fusion messages, poetry, synchrony, and critical approaches with cinema..


La Màquina de Turing is a band composed by several singers and video-making artists. On each performance the artists will aim to recreate their own particular world throughout the fusion of music and video animations. A unique type of show, indeed.

The dominant thread of the performance establishes in rich merges of electric music, voices and video performances and depicts the existence of a personal universe been built in mazes of visual metaphors, sound atmospheres and emotions. Live performances of La Màquina de Turing remind, therefore, of an audiovisual laboratory where curiosity and experimentation meet its purpose. The critical undertone is additionally covered with symbols and all type of poetry expressions.

In the year 2001 Ferran, Guillem, Miguel and Santi decided to make a band of electronic music called La Màquina de Turing. After some time experimenting with several music styles such as techno, psytrance, IDM or break-dance, La Màquina decided to focus on different hybrid sounds.

By that time, Miquel and Santi also worked in projects, non-strictly musical, such as the interactive game innmigration with Pause VJ, or contemporary dance pieces like Essència. They were also involved in performances such as CinemaSensible, Reflexus or HellenKellers' Antishow .

Jordi "Mogambo" Moragas is the male voice in the band. At first, he simply played Dub and Reggae beats but soon he founded Dephasers, a group of Garage and Psicodelic music. There, he had the chance to develop his singing skills and some years later he joined the members of la Màquina. Today, he plays with both Sound-System Albaraka Reggae and La Màquina de Turing.

The feminine voice of the band is brought in by Nupolar. She tunes up melodical, sensual, strong and even dramatic new senses to the electric bases of La Maquina. Her lyrics, somewhat critical, are full of meaning and her presence on the stage is said to be rather peculiar and provocative.

She also writes lyrics and signs for electronic bands such as Anularz and the feminist-oriented band Polssònica.

ProletariCratz is a group of vedejockeys originated in Barcelona. They are the result of Proletari Arts and Videocratz conjunction. Proletaricrats, however, started out individually in 2002 and later on became part of La Màquina de Turing on their live performances. Thereafter, their conjoined aim was to create AV live shows where both styles could be combined.