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Streetlevel Entertainment is a brand that represents hip hop by the name of "M.A.R." a.k.a "Mr. Lightuppp" which is a nickname developed by his fans for his stellular performances he put on during his shows. Streetlevel entertaintment exemplifies a trademark that will vibrate into the music industry starting with "M.A.R."


M.A.R is a rap artist from Bridgeport, CT, he has opened for acts such as Lupe Fiasco, Trinidad James, Beanie Sigel,  Juelz Santana of DipSet, Young Jeezy, Lloyd Banks, Vado, Tray Pizzy, Chris Webby, and Manolo Rose. In addition, he was invited to be a Co-headliner with manolo rose for a five city tour which started in new york and ended in new hampshire. He was a featured artist on JackThriller 16 or betta Episode 59. He also embarked on the TopMics Tour sponsored by the Source Magazine, which he was featured as a headlining artist. M.A.R. will not rest until he is one of the biggest names in the Hip Hop world.

Music has always been apart of M.A.R’s life. At a young age he became fascinated with music and started to explore his talent. At ten years old he was introduced into the world of DJ’ing and turntables. He would mix and scratch for hours on his turntables mastering the art of becoming a great entertainer. His appreciation for music has allowed him to be very creative with his beat machine and turntables creating instrumental beats for recording.  Music was more than a hobbie to M.A.R he also incoorpated his love for music in his education. Through his participation in film and video production class he has been able to combine his love for music, acting, video editing, in creating great music and video productions.

In the course of his search for a career in music he decided to intern at Def Jam Records in the Video Production and Artist Development department. It was there under his mentor Skane Dolla of Desert Storm Records, he learned the business thoroughly. Realizing the benefits and impact of interning, M.A.R. sought out another internship position at Rite Track Studios. His quest for knowledge expanded, eager to learn more of the business he ventured out on tour with another mentor from Invisible Transportation. Once the tour had ended M.A.R. developed an itch for performing live. Touring became his second home. He went on the Glow in the Dark tour, Scream fest 07, R Kelly Tour, Maroon 5 Tour, and attended several promotional events.

His passion, love and dedication to music have allowed him some great opportunities in the entertainment industry. All of M.A.R.’s hard work and dedication started to pay off in 2010. He performed at the legendary Toad’s Place in New Haven, Connecticut at a Hip Hop Showcase, bringing in the most passes in the Showcase’s history.  From there he was off and running. He performed at the legenedary webster hall for the Get Your Buzz Up Hip Hop Showcase. He won the roc nation showcase sponsored by indie elite promotions in Brooklyn, New York.  He next headlined concerts at the Space in Hamden, bringing in a sell out crowd.  Shortly after that, he participated in a Tournament hosted by 50 Mics, Def Jam, XXL, and The Source.  He won the competition with a medley of the songs including “Prince Soon to Be King Back” and “It’s Hard”.  He was crowned the Connecticut 50 Mics Champion and was awarded a Digiwaxx package consisting of $2,000.00 and Digiwaxx released his page to all major DJ’s throughout the world. M.A.R’s most cherished moment in his career came in 2012, when he orchestrated and headlined his own Indie tour “The Light Upp tour” consisting of twelve cities within the northern region. During the second leg of the tour M.A.R. performed at Mohegan Sun Arena. Another cherished moment was being apart of the 2015 annual QueensBrooklyn Festival as a featured performer which was held at Legendary Santos Party House. M.A.R has also been awarded "Hip Hop Arist of the year" award for The CL fashion & Music Award.

M.A.R. is also leaving his mark on the digital world with numerous top performing singles. Notably his single “Grinding” featuring JR. Writer from the Dipolmats has over 131k views on Youtube. In addition his first released single “Champagne Life” from his MARJUANA mixtape has over 350k plays on his Sound cloud. Furthermore, his single has scored radio play on hot 93.7fm during their “Hot Jam” segment featured with Dj G Money da Prince and Dj Meechie. MARJUANA continues to soar with downloads on datpiff.com and other social media outlets. M.A.R vision of being a pivotal player in the music industriy continues to grow and he looks forward to making a significant mark.


Like Jeezy

Written By: M.A.R

[Hook] x2
I seen it all like Jeezy
Seen it all like Jeezy
They see the way I live and they think that it's easy
They think that it's easy
But they don't know my life hard
But they don't know my life hard
It's real pain in these bars

[Verse 1]
It's real pain in these bars
My main bitch call me Lito
Side bitch call me M.A.R
Pray to lord I don't catch a charge
I'm still ducking that law
My birthday coming up
Think I might Camaro my car
Think my life easy
Where I'm from greasy
All my niggas hustle
Sell that snow like they Jeezy
Seen it all like Jeezy
Seen it all like Jeezy
I can't leave the rap game alone, this shit need me
Now I see videos on flat screen TVs
To rap all I need is a J, call me Yeezy
They sipping lean, popping peazys
But not me, I'm where the weed be
Taught myself how to back flip on the ground no mattress
I'm the shit no laxative
Weed strong like an activist
My niggas selling that yayo
Coming straight from Diego with a name like Marlito
Gotta have a Rican bitch like J.Lo

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2]
But they don't know my life hard
Just cause a nigga snitched
My uncle had to take a charge
Mark Price I'm on guard
Watching everything in sight
Can't walk in these Nikes
I'm just living my life
Had to go get em early
I'm talkin bout my Mikes
I don't sip no lean
I ain't mixing no Sprite shit
While rapping this I can't find my light
My passion is what God gave me, this mic
If that's your bitch then why she all in my likes
I toured the country, I did everything twice
Remy got me feeling all bent
Hit once I ain't call since
Where I'm from 8th's going for the 40, thats Shawn Kemp
Eyes red like a kick ball or the jersey on Chris Paul
Roll She something bout that haze make me ift off
Call me M.A.R-ijuana
That was '08 When I was hugging on Rihanna

[Hook] x2


"Like Jeezy"