Mara & The Inner Strangeness
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Mara & The Inner Strangeness

Tromsø, Troms, Norway | SELF

Tromsø, Troms, Norway | SELF
Band Alternative Avant-garde


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"Meet Mystic Mara"

This spring offers several highlights for the band Mara & The Inner Strangeness.

Published: 12:05 2012 2:06 p.m. Last updated: 01.10 2012 11:08

Tonight they consert at KULTURHUSET, so far their biggest stage, and they promise an exciting evening of surprises, guest artists, and a concert hall which is decorated to put the audience in the right mood.

Studio in the ocean
Soon the première of his first video, and next month comes "Red Sounds Whisper," the band's first full-length album.

- We hope to have the record ready to 8th June. It will be released on vinyl with accompanying CD, says lead singer and songwriter Marita Isobel Solberg.

Although they have worked hard and long to work through the song material, the album was completed in just under two weeks, the renowned studio Ocean Sound Recordings outside Ålesund.

- It is a fantastic place to record music. The studio is located out at sea and it is surrounded by incredibly beautiful scenery. We were very inspired while we were there, says Solberg.

They wanted to use the studio just because of the exotic atmosphere, which has drawn several other artists that the band admires the same place.

- They also have many great vintage instruments, which suited us very well, says Herborg Rundberg.
Music Tromsø

After the live album a consert at the Bukta Festival in July awaits them. The band also has several plans under development, including a tour in Sicily in September, but concentrates these days hundred percent around album release.

- We look forward to this. The fact that we have managed to do this with almost no money, but with help from lots of clever and cooperative people are very satisfactory, says Solberg.

According to her, there are 25 people who worked with and around the band before the concert at KULTURHUSET.

- We will boast all who have helped us. It is thanks to the music city of Tromso that we have accomplished this, concludes Rundberg. - iTromsø

"This Week Tromsø band"

Interviuw with the band. - Nordlys

"Sissels sad christmas"

Interviuw with Egon Holstad and Marita Isobel Solberg - Nordlys

"A fantastic music year"

Another year goes towards the end, and it is time to look back before we look ahead. The list of new bands that have shot up in the sky and ancient heroes who have delivered good albums in Norway is long, but preferably I want the rose bloom in the city.

Northern Light announced the end of last week's nominees for "Best band / artist" in Tromsø. They have chosen to nominate Violet Road, Vishnu, Röyksopp and Heidi Solheim. Although some of the nominees stands a little incomprehensible to me, not everyone has released anything in years (and Röyksopp sets with raw party), I feel to raise up those who are forgotten.

2010 has been a debutante years. Clean Shaven Grins, Dagny Norvoll Sandvik, Mara and The Inner Strange Ness, Kohib, DripP!, The Urban Blues Band, Vishnu, Nasr & Gaute, Jabba The Butt, Carthage and a host of other bands have recorded and released their debut albums and EP -is - and generally the quality is high. How many years have we looked back to Tromso in as many releases from local artists?

Outside the city limits Röyksopp has made international success with "Senior", Turdus Musicus has toured the U.S., Japan and China, DripP! has been in Russia, and Pristine continuing legacy of the Urban Blues Band with the title of the best blues bands. At the same time Charlotte Bendiksen success as a DJ in Germany. All in all, a unique year for Tromsø and the city's music scene.

I believe this shows the willingness and capabilities of what the artists are able to do once they get started. I'm impressed, and think everyone should give themselves a pat on the shoulder. All of the above - and probably some I have forgotten in the move - deserve nominations in spades, and I just want to say that the work being done is noticed, though some will surely feel overlooked.

Whether I shall look into the glass ball, I already dare to say that 2011 will top this fantastic musical year. We tripped around and waiting for the releases from the gun, and Bart, FACE, Taigatrost, Le Petit Garçon, Olga Amazon Lagoonbird, Rumblin 'Retards, Mentory, The Box of Mothers, Otter, Boska, Badger, Mining In Yukon, Bath County, Violet Road, solo album from Heidi Solheim and Frost. Maybe throw Anne Nymo Trulsen and Pernille Sparboe around?

Not to mention all the new bands and artists that are sure to emerge in the course of the year. I have faith in another great year with good, diverse music and hope that more artists will remark on a national basis. So congratulations to Tromsø, finally, it looks like we have a music scene in the city we can be proud of again, after a few years of decline. - iTromsø


When we were in the last week of 2010, and it's still a little summary that remains before we can go ahead with a new year.

I emphasize that we are the ones I mention below is my selection, not editors.

Newcomer of the Year:

Locally, it is difficult to come out of Mara and The Inner Strange Ness.

Although the EP came right at the end of the year, it stands as a pole and I look forward to following the band on.

Read also: Strange and unique release party.

Honorable mention also goes to Jabba The Butt who has played on the Bay Festival and his debut EP, and Boska for a great solo debut at the Insomnia Festival.

Outside the city limits, I will go ahead Sleigh Bells and Wild Nothing as international favorites.

"Treats" from the former is perhaps the toughest disc that came out this year, and the concert during the festival does not dim the memory.

Wild Nothing in turn delivered the stunning album "Gemini" and the even more beautiful EP 'Golden Haze'. Recommended if you have something that will change from this year's July

This year's winner:

This year's big winner is of course Robyn. With three amazing albums and an even better album, it's hard to say anything about it.

Personally, I will also - once again - drum up LCD Sound System "This Is Happening".

It probably is the last studio album from the gang, is also their best. With irresistible dance punk and fabulous songs like "Drunk Girls," "You Wanted A Hit" and "I Can Change", it is difficult to call James Murphy for anything other than a genius.

This year's disappointment:

Ugh, this category is the fierce competition.

M.I.A. given the title simply because she was the one might expect the best.

New Wine's debut album "Waves" was this year's disappointment on my part, but the EP "Bridge" from earlier in the year resets really profit from their side.

This year's surprise:

Locally I have to tell me both surprised and impressed with his debut album to Kohib, "Make Fire".

Not only is rock solid disc, but the release gig at Kafé That's maybe my favorite live at home this year.

In this category is probably inevitable to mention Ariel Pink. The utfrika art musician took this year has risen from tape to the wide world of genius line "Before Today".

This year's Norwegian:

Bodo has certainly turned bergen wave this year.

Cold Mailman, Sea Silver, Kollwitz and Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson have all delivered excellent album, but one must not forget Harry's Gym, Serena Maneesh, Kvelertak Honey and Children.

Song of the Year:

In my opinion, no one can compete with Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffitis "Round and Round", which is the decade's best song.

However gratifying it is that I have a couple of local tracks to add.

"Never See" with Clean Shaven Grins feat. Syvia, Pistol & Bart with "Jump Jump" and of course "The Fang Song" with Kohib are all worthy candidates. - iTromsø

"Very promising dark rock"

To be a brand new band is Mara and The Inner Strange Ness nothing less than shocking good.

Mara and The Inner Strange Ness is one of the newest bands in the city's music scene, but the debut EP is already to get.

Thus, it is not easy to find it. Currently it exists only in the 100 exclusive copies, but over Christmas it will be printed again. And then also on vinyl.

All should take the trouble to try to get hold of it. This may be the start of a new rock adventure.

References in place

"In Dark Places" contains four tracks that ticks in just over twenty minutes - the rest of four very good songs. "A Dark Place" sets the standard from the first second. Think Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' "Murder Ballads", My Midnight Creeps, Tom Waits in the late 70's, My Bloody Valentine and Grinderman mixed together, seasoned with a vocal from Marita Isobel Solberg that sounds like a hybrid of PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Lydia Lunch and Patti Smith.

Dark drones, retro rock, with one of the toughest female rock vocals I've heard in ages, is the result.


Where the opening song is bone hard rock, the "Tree Of Tears" more and more influenced by a particular Tori Amos vibe, located lurker and throughout the disc. This is thanks Herborg Round's beautiful piano playing, as well as the vocals themselves. The best track, however, the shortest, "The Queen of the Birds" which clearly inspired the 50th century and which pulled out of a Tarantino movie. The whole thing is a fabulous cocktail with all the right references, good lyrics and talented musicians.

But best of all, it sounds fresh and new. If this is a band only in its beginning, you just have to look forward to the continuation.

I hold a button that this is a band we will see much in the coming year. - iTromsø


Mara & The Strange Inner Strangeness is the band that creates a strange magic of art and music. Saturday, the strange mixture tested Bastard.

- We are a strange combination, so there will be a special atmosphere, "says vocalist Marita Isobel Solberg.

She based the songs on her and her own experiences and feelings when she first started the project "Mara & The Strange Inner Strangeness" several years ago. Solberg has a background as a visual performance artist, and "Mara" was a project where art and music could meet. A year ago she started rehearsing together with her musical helpers, and now the band is ready for his first album release.

Broad background

- I think we are a very exciting mix. The musicians have many different backgrounds including pop, jazz, rock and folk music, "says Solberg.

She got Herborg Rundberg on piano, drummer Stig Arne Sigmund Pettersen, Christo Stangness on bass, Frank Iversen on guitar and Hilde Finsrud on clarinet.

For the occasion also contributes Rune Larsen on accordion.

The band release the EP "In Dark Places". Here you find four songs, but the concert will be longer. Lyrics and music is by Marita Isobel Solberg, but she also promises a greater experience than the purely musical.


- There is also a visual experience. The meeting with the audience creates a commitment a special thing, and there is much that can happen, says Solberg.

The music is still the most important, and it is described as a mixture of rock, retro and surf feel. Elements can sometimes also remind of Tom Waits, in that several of the band recently played on Tom Waits Festival in Gryllefjord under the name "The Tom Waitresses".

- This does not sound like Tom Waits - but you can still hear the similarities.

When the band takes Bastard Bar Saturday is no ordinary release party. There will be a special happening - a one-time affair.


- There are 100 pieces, and we have 100 CDs in a special edition. We expect there will be a collectors item, Solbergs laughing.

Also the CD is a mix of art and music with cover made by the famous Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara. In addition, Yngve Jørgensen, Magnus Leirvåg Sandnes, JP and Tor Erik Gorud with drawings. - iTromsø


Special Release on Nov. 20, 2010
Release 21st of march 2011
Red Sounds Whisper, July 2012



Dark Artistic Indie from The North of Norway!!

Some call it jazz, some call it artrock, but one things for sure; it's an unique and extraordinary mix of it all. Blending music and Perfomance Art, spiced with a vocal that sounds like a hybrid of PJ Harvey, Bjørk and Patti Smith, they give you an experience out of the ordinary.

Mara & The Inner Strangeness started in 2006 by the lead vocalist, artist and songwriter Marita Isobel Solberg, in late 2009 she started collecting the band as it is today. Early 2010 they recorded their first EP "IN DARK PLACES" and september 2011 they recording their first album "RED SOUNDS WHISPER" together with engineer Henning Svoren in OCEAN SOUND RECORDINGS at Giske/NORWAY.
Album was released summer 2012.