Mara Levi

Mara Levi


Mara Levi plays Smart Pop music on Acoustic guitar. It's vocal-driven, beat-boxing plus looped backing vocals, hip hop meets folk music with bombastic sensibilities.


Mara Levi [n. Mahr' uh Lee' vee] introduces a new category of rock and roll: Smart Pop. Notably complex, yet catchy enough to be accessible , Mara's music is both poppy and smart. Mara performs original folk-pop-bluegrass-rock and roll that entertains as it weaves its way into your subconscious.

Using a loop station, Mara adds her talent for Beat Boxing to many songs, and layered vocal harmonies to others. Her poppy, bombastic style of writing combines with melodic vocal harmonies and cunning lyrics to grab the attention of audiences. Often politically-charged, and always charming, Mara's performance style is appealing, honest and light-hearted. Mara is the winner of a 2004 Honor Award from the Great American Songwriting Contest for her song No Difference, and a 2005 Outmusic Outsong of the Year Nominee for her song, The Homo Song!

Mara's latest CD, "What Are You?" was released in March, 2007, and was funded, recorded, arranged, and produced entirely by Mara herself. Mara had outside (and excellent) help with mixing and mastering, but deserves full credit for the eclectic arrangements and moving performances featured on the album.

Mara began playing piano when she was 4. At 10 she added the trumpet and by 20 she had mastered bass and guitar as well. Mara studied voice and composition with several renowned musicians and is well-versed in jazz, classical, folk and rock and roll. All of these traditions lend Mara's songwriting its eclectic, accessible flair.

Mara began her rock and roll career as a songwriter, vocalist, and bass player with the indie-pop band, Kid Sampson. After a short tour of duty in New York City, Kid Sampson took a break, leaving our fair hero to fend for herself. Mara started her solo career in the musical mecca, Northampton, MA. While she still feels that her ultimate home will be in Northampton, Mara currently lives in DC where she is active in the thriving local music scene.

Mara's solo perfomance arrangements bring a new level of intensity to her already powerful and innovative music. Often compared to Liz Phair, Fiona Apple, Alanis Morissette, and Aimee Mann, Mara combines musical worlds creating a style that is uniquely her own.

Mara's first solo CD entitled Life's a Ball features loads of Mara's trademark vocal harmonies and catchy indie-pop ditties.


The Homo Song (Demo Quality)

Written By: Mara Levi

(Professionally recorded version will be available upon release of new CD)

Dear old Mrs. So and So
I thought I'd call and let you know
Your daughter is a big HOMO
And she's lying next to me

She came here of her own volition
No doubt wasting her tuition
Still she's here and now you're wishin'
She weren't here with me

She's been acting out this way
Since long before that fateful day
I brought her home so she could stay
Lying next to me

No matter how you sulk and fret
It's only girls that make her wet
But since it's true, well you can bet
She's lying next to me

Dear old Mr. So and So
I thought I'd call and let you know
Your daughter is a big HOMO
She's lying next to me

She loves you still and she always will
But you can't fix her with a pill
Or try to take away the thrill
Of lying next to me

She wants your love and your respect
But if you push she'll push right back
'Cause she's got friends and you've got Jack
If you don't let her be

For the apple of your eye
There must be something you can try
'Cause I can't stand to see her cry
Lying next to me

Dear old Mrs. So and So
Just call her up and let her know
She can be a big HOMO
And you'll still love her so

Drink It Down

Written By: Mara Levi

My life played on TV would star Halle Berry, Angelina
My life, plain as it seems, it is full of drama, so uncommon
So far, far from the rest, being so austere creates some fear
So alone, swallowed and gone, so I know the safety of the bottle

We swallow the fear ‘cause it’s all that we hear
And we don’t know what else to say

So we drink it down, we drink it down

We know what we’re frightened of and oh brother, this is the one

I learn all that I need from my trusted sources, world reports
And I know, I’ve seen it all, I’ve seen every angle, it’s no fandango
Believe all that you read, trust your neighbor’s motives or send some votives
Believe no matter what, ‘cause you’ll never know ‘less they tell you so

And they slide us the truth like a bottle of brew
And we don’t know what else to say

We don’t know whose truth it is, but oh brother, this is the one

Don’t fear the dread disease, they’ve got every license so trust in science
And if they let you down, it was lack of funding, misunderstanding
But this, this, this is the one, this will never fail to cure what ails you
Relax, just drink it down, open up those lips for once last sip

And they slide us the cure like a shot, clean and pure
And we don’t know what else to say

We don’t know who measured it, but oh brother, this is the one

Oh the truth, it eludes us
Attitudes us, it confuses
In confusion we don’t know what to do
With our attitudes
We don’t know it confounds us, we think we control it all

And they slide us the truth like the new Absolut
And we don’t know what else to say

We don’t know whose truth it is, but oh brother, this is the one
This is the one

Change My Mind

Written By: Mara Levi

I can always change my mind
I can always improvise
I am thrilled you came to see
I am thrilled but I can’t see

I can live without regret
I can live but not just yet
I am only seventeen
I am only seventeen

And all the leaves will fall
All the leaves will fall
All the leaves will fall away
Winter is here again

I’ve been aiming a little high
I’ve been aiming far too wide
This is only for a while
This will only last a while

This is all they’ve got to give
This is all, but it can’t miss
I am ready for the fall
I am ready for the fall

And all the leaves will fall
All the leaves will fall
All the leaves will fall away, will fall away..

Already on your own two feet
Your own two feet, your own two feet
He is but a spy, he is but a spy
She told you to lie

We’ll save you again if you ask us to
Nothing more for free
Nothing but the leaves
Falling down

Sweet On You

Written By: Mara Levi

I am sweet, sweet, sweet on you honey
I spend all my time thinking of you
You are all I need to be happy
It’s a long long way back home

It’s been years since I left Cleveland
I spend all my days on the run
I spend all my nights dreaming of your big brown eyes
But I just can’t quit what I’ve begun


It’s a lonesome life for certain
There's very little time spent in the sun
And I’d come home to you in an instant
But I just can’t quit what I’ve begun


Bridge: We can make it on the run we can make it for a while baby while baby
Don’t you ever wanna drive baby, drive baby
Don’t you ever wanna fly
We can make it on the run maybe just a little high baby, high baby
Don’t you ever wanna cry baby, cry baby
Just a far cry from home


I love to think of you when I'm drifting off to sleep
We spend every night together in my dreams
Maybe someday you will join me as I ramble through this world
Baby nothing sounds more perfect to me

We could sing the whole day through, we could stop at every mile
We could see this world through one another's eyes
Baby hit the road with me, and make all my dreams come true
I'll have no more lonely miles or empty sighs


Chorus (2x)


Life's a Ball, 2003
What Are You?, 2007

Set List

My standard 45 minute set:
She Says She Knows
I Get By
Homo Song
Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show)
Is This My Life
Tired Lonely Fools
Sweet On You
Drink It Down