Marasol is a product of the last forty years of music built on the principles not the actions of it's players and writers. Rock n' roll with melody and soul.


Marasol was brought to life in January of 2008 in San Diego, California. The proud parents are Chicago transplants Lain Weck, Sarah Clark, and Jim Benuska. Combining all the great music that has penetrated their lives, they set out to add some spices to the rock and roll crock pot.

Writing started in February of 2008 with some demo tracks that were recorded over the previous year by Lain. In late June they headed into Black Box Studios in Golden Hill to record their first release with engineer Mario Quintero (Bob Nana, Transfer, Swim Party). Futures, was recorded live in a day and a half with the intent to portray the bands live energy. Futures will be released November 7th 2008, and will be followed by extensive regional touring in the spring of 2009.


1. Chin up
2. The way we do
3. News
4. Electric Flesh
5. Theses times why do they rule me
6. Daze

Self released 2008/Engineered and Mixed by Mario Quintero

Set List

30 min set list featuring all orginials.