Marbert Rocel

Marbert Rocel


Marbert Rocel (tympanum laetum) is a type of analogous live acts. »folk, beats and electronica house, acoustic guitar and laptop sounds - a fragile but impulsive debut.« de:bug magazine


Sunny sound dots appeared all over the wide valley of Thuringia - the place where lush moving meadows outshines the ways of masters and servants. Everything began with two upright guys and a fly girl, who had a cup of milk and honey at the late club. By every slug they spread a warm and cosy beat over the folks hearts. Beats like birds flap their wings in the rhythm of warm house and understatement pop. For five years to date they keep to the big bang jigger kings with delight uptempo emo and frickelchick.
Recently Marbert Rocel plucked up their samples and sent good feeling track cards from their train station in Erfurt to their main station, Compost Records. United they are devising the new zippy album to bring your birdy hearts to fly.
Do you need a new dash on your way up? Here you go:

And if you are filled with milk and honey, have a look across the valley. Then you might find the words of the greeds:
“Marbert Rocel, is like painting tattoos with water colors and playing jazz from both sides of the carrera race track while searching sounds with a touch of old super 8 movies."



marbert rocel - speed emotions 2*LP/CD(compost records)

marbert rocel - beats like birds_12" (compost records)
incl. remix by douglas greed

marbert rocel_cornflake boy_12" (compost records)
incl. remixes by krause duo, solomun and john daly

marbert rocel_the pack_12" (compost records)
incl. remixes by trus'me and the part time heroes/ the things

marbert rocel_deep marbert (more than loops sampler_zughafen)


clueso_pizzaschachteln_marbert rocel rmx (four music)

clueso_out of space_marbert rocels land of oos rmx (four music)

waggon cooking_mallorca_marbert rocel rmx (compost)

tim neuhaus_playin´ bill´s drums_marbert rocel rmx_(more than loops 2 sampler_ zughafen)