Marble Engine

Marble Engine


Marble Engine's hybrid style of writing introduces the listener to an array of familiar and obscure sounds. With a live performance that rivals the best you'll find yourself absorbed in a world that threatens any other reality you've known.


There was a packed house at Red’s Entertainment Complex on the 18th of June 2004 for the final evening of the Molson Canadian Rock Search and the stage was set for one band to literally take control of the night, and claim first prize. The band was Edmonton’s Marble Engine and their unique blend of operatic hard rock, three part harmonies, and an almost hypnotic control of the audience blew the judges away and in a unanimous decision Marble Engine made an explosive debut on the Edmonton music scene. Although this performance appeared, on the surface, to come out of nowhere; people who were closest to the band knew that this night was the culmination of months and years of hard work. Their strategy at slowly chipping away at the scene by playing shows at such venues at The Fox, Urban Lounge, and Red’s, along with aligning themselves with some of the hardest working people in the independent music scene.
Their successful performance at the Rock Search helped Marble Engine to achieve some of their short-term goals that they had been working so hard for such as aligning themselves with a management company ( and tenacious manager Mike Dilts. Marble Engine soon began to take their show on the road, turning heads in venues outside of their hometown, an aim they hope to achieve more frequently in the future. Another objective came to fruition as Marble Engines self recorded, produced, and released their EP The Industrial Nature, in June of ’05. This recording hopes to lay the groundwork for future projects that look forward to incorporating ME’s live sound, and imaginative writing.
Most recently Marble Engine has just finished recording a single with new young, and enthusiastic, rock producer Toby Hulse. The single is a sample of the band’s latest influences and is entitled “Calling All Culinary Students”. Also completed is a video of live footage produced by Intraxx Productions, with highly accredited Michael Maxis as producer. This recent recording awarded Marble Engine with an opportunity to showcase their material at Canadian Music week in 2006. The band finished second in the Extreme Bandslam. The recording of Calling All Culinary Students also helped Marble Engine be chosen as regional finalists for the international song writing competition.
Marble Engine is a group of hard working and devoted friends that are all committed to achieving the goals and dreams of this exciting new talent. New recordings, tours, and brilliant new live shows are just hints of what is on the horizon, and Marble Engine is excited to win over new fans as well as continuing to surprise and delight their loyal fan base in Edmonton’s thriving independent music scene.


Calling All Culinary Students

Written By: Paul Stowe & Myke Badry

We eat all that you throw at us,
A savage security.
Slides by on greese fed by the law, I don't mind, look at my pale skin.

Show me your eyes
To see if you see what I see.
It seems I'm inclined,
to let you fill all of me.

Get by on bags shoved in your car,
It's easy see it on T.V.
I don't lie this I know is true,
you keep your simple point of view.

Your friends they think your fat.
What do you think about it.
They laugh, they spit, they spat.
What will you do about it.
They got you on your knees.
And then you'll give it to them.
You beg, you beg them please.
Why have we come to do it.


The Industrial Nature - 2005

Calling all Culinary Students - 2005

Set List

We typicaly perform 45min sets of original music. We are prepared for 3 X 45min sets consisting of 50% original & 50% covers. Our cover repitoir includes Weezer, System of a Down, Deftones, The Police, Queens of the Stoneage, Spinal Tap and The Presidents of the United States of America.