Marble Fawn

Marble Fawn

 New York City, New York, USA

Marble Fawn is an angular-folk-post prog-math-pop anti-jam band led by Ian Bjornstad (former keyboardist for John Vanderslice).


Marble Fawn was born in 2010 as a bedroom & closet recording project that started in San Francisco. After several years of recording and touring with John Vanderslice (on Dead Oceans), Ian Bjornstad decided to build a home recording studio, where he could experiment with the utmost creative freedom to follow whatever tangents to the ends of their rabbit holes. A resulting eponymous debut was finished after he relocated to Brooklyn. It is a lush and patient album, layered with surreal melodies and marked by unexpected changes. It is narcotic and moody, drawing inspiration form seminal heartfelt faves like Department of Eagles' In Ear Park, the Dodos, David Byrne, and Debussy.

Since then, with the help of a five piece band, the music has become more driving and aggressive, more rhythmically complex and compelling, with touches of African Highlife and North Indian rhythms, synths, vocoders, guitars, loops and ambient soundscapes. So far it's been compared to Television, Destroyer, Radiohead and we are just getting going...


Marble Fawn (2011)
Henry's Fate (2011)