The music of Marbleheroes is influenced by movie soundtracks and rock music as well as the fat beats of trip hop. The band consists of violin, viola, two cellos, piano, bass, drums and vocals (no guitars). By far the best way to describe the genre is to call it cinerock.


Marbleheroes is influenced by movie soundtracks and artists like David Bowie, Portishead, Bj�rk, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, Massive Attack etc. Marbleheroes includes no guitars so the strings have an important role.


Icicles Cracking (LP, 2007, Pyramid)
Scarecrow (radiosingle and video 2007)
Scarecrow rolled on Finnish MTV and had some airplay on YleX.

Set List

Our set consists of the songs on Icicles Cracking plus a couple of unreleased songs. Usually the set is 45 minutes long.

Falling Out Of Love
Our Sweetest Dream
The Easy Way
Hold Me Down
Was It Worth It
Too Easy For You
Standing On Your Chest