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Phoenix, Arizona, United States | SELF

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | SELF
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"10 Favorite Local Hip-Hop Tracks of 2012"

Hip-hop duo Numbers adopted the mantra "dope beats, dope rhymes," in the making of their latest album, Nerds Gettin' Paper: The Establishment. "... we were more meticulous and refined when producing this new record," producer Izzy says. The process reflects perfectly in the track, "Stay Awhile." With a mellow downtempo beat, and grooving flow, this slick production comes with an automatic head bob. - Phoenix New Times

"Local Rapper IP Is Ill Talks Smoking Weed, Working "Solo" and -- Smoking Weed"

Up on the Sun: What's the good word with you guys?
IP: I've just been working on my solo album right now, basically staying in the studio and focusing on that. We haven't done too many shows lately because we've just been trying to get this record done.

What prompted you to put out a solo album this time around?
We did the whole Getting Paper series, and I did a solo album about five years ago with Ill Al the Anglo Saxon, but I haven't done anything straight by myself in a while, so we wanted to take some steps towards that and see what we could do. I want to see if I can take [record label] Charizmatic to another level by doing something solo. I want to be able to tell my story and show people who I am.

Izzy is still behind me and he's basically producing the project, so it's good.

What are the differences of working together like this as opposed to penning a record as Numbers?
On this album, the beats aren't necessarily all made by me. I plan on getting on there, but he has some other producers on there and that's whats giving it that different flavor and letting IP express himself as an individual.

What kind of feeling is this album going to have?
The feel I'm going for is more soulful in how I express myself. I do smoke a lot of weed, I mean . . . that's my thing.

Izzy: [Laughs]

So there are a lot of songs generated to that way of thinking. And I also talk about the reasons that I smoke and I express the different ways I'm thinking when I do smoke. I have a song called "Me and My Pipe" that talks about what I do before I go to sleep. I express how I smoke some weed from my pipe and I talk about the thoughts that go through my head while I'm in that frame of mind.

Izzy: I think he's trying to relate to people more, and how they escape their daily lives with their vices. I think that's the overall message that he's trying to convey. - Phoenix New Times

"Numbers - Nerds Gettin' Paper: The Establishment"

The Phoenix collective Numbers just dropped off the second installment of Nerds Gettin' Paper.
- donuts and milk

"Arizona Hip-Hop Duo Numbers Continue Chasing Paper with New Album"

Hip-hop duo Numbers are continuing to prove that they are a formidable force in the Arizona music scene with their latest release, Nerds Gettin' Paper: The Establishment.

The Establishment is a follow up to last year's Attack of the Robots EP, and continues to show off emcee IP's linguistic mastery and producer Izzy's savvy propensity for beat making.

A year after making minced-meat out of other Phoenix rappers in the track "Attack of the Robots," the pair have settled into the hip-hop scene, finding new talent to collaborate with and etching their place in the Arizona rap game behind the mantra of: "dope beats, dope rhymes."

You can stream the album at the group's bandcamp page. Follow the jump to check out our Q&A and a sample off of the record.

Up on the Sun: What's the good word with Numbers?

IP: Since we last spoke to the New Times Izzy and I definitely stayed busy with shows and releasing music. We got the chance to do a show at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood last year which was a dope experience with it being such a legendary venue. The sound system there was epic and perfect for performing. Izzy has been real busy drumming for some of the best artist in the city such as silver Medallion and Cutthroat Logic during their live shows as well as engineering part time at Pyramix Studios. In October we released a mix tape showcasing the label, Charizmatic, that Izzy owns and I am apart of. Izzy produced the whole project and it really kept the brand flowing throughout the scene. You can download that here. Also, we consistently do local shows as well, opening up for people under the stairs and participating in other local showcases.

You guys recently released the second installment of the Nerds Getting Paper EP series. How did the making/producing of The Establishment differ from Attack of the Robots? In your estimation, how does the record help establish Numbers as a "dominant force in Phoenician hip-hop?"

Izzy: I believe we were more meticulous and refined when producing this new record. IP's selection of my beats has always been synergistic, cohesive, and consistent when the project is viewed as a whole. For this project, we actually amassed over a dozen records before finally deciding which records to release. Before, we were just putting up records we completed. So, this change in our process of production has improved our style. On the engineering end, I'm a nazi when it comes to recording and mixing. Making a record sound better than previous ones is something I always aspire to, and learning new techniques allows for improvement. As a team, we've adopted the mantra "dope beats, dope rhymes", and that's all we'll ever strive for.

You guys have been pretty critical of Arizona's hip-hop scene. A year after the release of Attack, it doesn't look like your stance is softening. Are there any AZ rappers that you guys are digging at the moment? What's the best thing AZ hip-hop has going for itself right now?

IP: One of the AZ Rappers I'm digging right now is N.A. hes a beast and starting to get the recognition hes deserves. Both Writers Guild and AOTA crews I'm really down with their movements. Everyone who was featured on The Establishment; Fres(co) Kaliq, and Wiz Kid who is also part of Charizmatic. Some more dope emcees are my dude Bobby Brand New, my dude Cota, Hannibal Leq, Medaforacle and Dray Brown.

Izzy: We work with several artists and organizations whose movements we strongly support. I believe the best thing AZ hip hop has going for itself right now is talent. Despite the overwhelming number of people who believe they can make a career in making music, there is a selection that has quite a bit to bet with. A few have made or are making incredible moves into the national "scene", and we highly respect that and aspire to do as they are doing. There is great music being released in Phoenix. I just wish our culture and support structure were a bit more aware of the talent out here. We want to push these talented people and others with our music, just like they're pushing and moving us with theirs. We appreciate them quite a bit.

What's coming up next for Numbers on the immediate horizon?

IP: Whats coming up next is we are shooting a video for the song "Stay Awhile" so be on the lookout for that. I'm also starting to work on my solo project under Charizmatic currently collecting beats to get ready for that project which should be released by first quarter next year. Our next goal really is to branch our music out nationally and take that next step that will expand our careers to a higher level. I believe we both have the grind and ambition to do that

- Phoenix New TImes

"Numb3rs – Nerds Gettin’ Paper: The Establishment (EP)"

Coming straight out of the desert (or PHX as some may know it), NUMB3RS drops the second installment of the Nerds Gettin’ Paper EP series. I.P. and Izzy Neutron are back at it with ridiculous punchlines and ever so smotth riding beats like ‘Kush Habits’. The EP marks “The Establishment” of the group as a dominant force in Phoenician hip hop. Features include Kaliq, Fres(co.), and, Charizmatic’s own, The Wiz Kid. I’ve seen these ctas do the damn thing live and mannnn, this dude I.P. is no emcee to pass by. Izzy don’t play no games either. Watch out for these nerds, and that’s real.

- womazing

"Numbers – Stay Awhile"

After the critically acclaimed release Nerds Getting Paper:Attack of the Robots. Numbers is back with the First Leak off the second part of the Nerds Getting Paper series called “Stay Awhile”. Truly heartfelt song with a smooth jazzy beat from the producer Izzy Neutron. The official Single from the EP will be out in February.

- womazing

"Numbers – Airplane Music"

Womazing did a post on these cats recently with their smooth hitting track “Stay Awhile”. Now Numbers is back at it again releasing “Airplane Music” off the upcoming album “Nerds Gettin’ Paper:The Establishment”

- womazing

"Numbers – Kush Habits"

Numbers is back again this week with their new trac”Kush Habits”. For all my weed heads out there, this track may just be for you with lyrics that make you think “damn that was just me last week’. Izzy Neutron blesses I.P. with the perfect beat for the subject using pure instruments with no samples making another heater getting people ready for Nerds Gettin Paper: The Establishment

- womazing

"Numbers Feat. Chaundon & Roq’y Tyraid"

This was sent to me by Izzy Neutron who is one of Arizona’s premiere drummers (that I hope you get to see in the near future)- He produced a couple of tracks and this one is the one that I liked the most.

Go Hard (Go Home)- Numbers feat. Chaundon & Roq’y Tyraid -

"Phoenix Hip-Hoppers Explain "Attack of the Robots""

Numbers is an Arizona hip-hop duo, comprised of producer Izzy and rapper I.P.. The duo's recent EP, Nerds Getting Paper: Attack of the Robots, released in May, indeed finds the group "getting paper," but the "nerds" part seems a bit self-deprecating. The album features guest spots from Mr. Miranda and other guests, and Izzy doesn't come across as all that much like a nerd -- instead, he sounds like a perfectly cocky frontman, referencing Haile Selassie on "Ain't Like Us," while stating that he has a way with words like a dictionary.

Izzy's production is impressive, too. "All About the Money" is my favorite beat on the record, but both members of Numbers are all about opener/title-track "Attack of the Robots," which finds I.P. tearing up the AZ rap scene ("fuck AZ rappers") and making a particularly clever "sex-meets-religion" joke. Numbers spoke with Up on the Sun about the track, explaining their stance on AZ hip-hop, and bringing it for their sophomore release.

@izzyneutron: "Attack of the Robots", the first track off of our EP, is really about capturing full attention. Generally looked over, our band is trying to show AZ hip-hop --and the world, for that matter--exactly who we are. Our talent is not here for the short term. The skit at the beginning tries to convey this. We're in it for the long haul. Music is our life. We're just trying to make it our living. As our sophomore release, we needed to come out with a bang. With this song, I'm really trying to establish my identity as a serious producer: one that can manipulate any sort of sound, conventional or not, and make good music. This is why I chose 808s as the drums behind the sample and --in my opinion-- a relatively commercial rhythm. Too many people try to sound like something else, but sometimes you have to play that field-with a spin. You have to purposely and consciously do it, and for the purposes of the listener, you have to be relatable. Once you're relatable, then you can guide the listener through the rest of the album.

Relatively new to hip hop, I'm a bit amazed how small this world is in Arizona. In general, hip-hop needs a savior. Too much lyrically washed up music is sold as "the standard" and shoved down our throats through the radio and television. We need more people to embrace lyricism and culture. This also applies to Arizona. Although there is AMAZING lyrical talent out here, there are others that are relying on beats to save them. Hip-hop is about "dope beats" and "dope rhymes". Both are equally important. We continuously need new and interesting perspectives about life to be conveyed in music. Otherwise, it becomes a gimmick, and unfortunately, this has become the norm. "Attack of the Robots" attacks exactly just that.

@Numbers I.P.: The song "Attack of the Robots" is most definitely my favorite song on the Nerds Getting Paper EP. It's basically a full on attack on the industry and the basis of the EP. When Izzy sent me the beat I knew exactly what to do with it, the beat was extremely dope and gave the perfect feel for an intro track and a hook wasn't needed. The beat has a lot of intensity; I knew I had to match that intensity with my lyrics. I think these were by far my best verses on the EP in terms of just pure lyricism and flow. The second verse Is my favorite of the two, the rhyme schemes and flows I pulled off were some of the best I've ever done on a song before.

My "fuck AZ rappers" line was basically a shot at all the hate I've gotten from the scene since I've been making music in Arizona. Just saying, 'I really don't need these other rappers approval or their cosign to say that I'm dope.' You get "hollywooded" a lot in the Arizona scene by rappers who think they are bigger than they actually are, and don't have the press or anything to prove it. I think if an abundance of these rappers humbled themselves and just made real good music and learned the business, our scene would thrive more as a whole. My Japan line was maybe too early -- but to me that is the rawness of hip hop and the punchline played on all the people predicting that the earthquake had to do with the return of God and Biblical predictions. The song plays great in the car and is a great start to what I think is excellent EP.
- phoenix new times

"Numbers ft. Mr. Miranda - Machine Gun Spittin"

This is a new joint from PHX spitters, Numbers and Mr. Miranda.

"Numbers-I Rep AZ" -

"Numbers ft. Chaundon & RoQ'y TyRaiD - Go Hard or Go Home Part II"

New track from the group Numbers. They teamed up with Chaundon of the Justus League and Roqy Tyraid on this one. Phoenix stand up!

"New Numbers Featuring Mr Miranda"

New Track phx spittas numbers and Mr. Miranda - Donuts and Milk

"Overtime: The Eighty Grand Takeover"

What up ya'll...

Its time for Overtime once again! Check out the Eighty Grand crew get busy. Shout out to LES735 and Blesd1 for holding it down on the ones' and two's! - Rhyme and Reason Radio

"My interview with Hip Hop group Numbers"

How did you guys come together to form the group “Numbers”

Izzyneutron - IP and I use to work together. That’s where I found out he was a hip-hop artist. I started getting into Hip-Hop because of him. After several months, we both went separate ways. But I started getting more and more into Hip-Hop and picked up producing beats. A couple of years passed and I started my recording studio. Knowing that IP was an artist, I hit him up letting him know that I wanted to make him a track. He came in and dropped a verse on Lean and Sway, and ever since then, it’s been a click. He asked me one day if we wanted to make a hip-hop group with me. I couldn’t refuse. So here we are.

I.P-yeah it was basically great chemistry in the studio we had to combine

How would you describe your style as a group?

I.P-I don’t think you can really describe our style and put a label on it… a lot of people try to label us backpackers cause of the rhymes…but we make …all types of music from hardcore political to party songs. I personally feel we are mos def a very unique hip hop group and I don’t think anybody is creating the same type of music we are putting down in the studio…and i think that’s the point at the end of the day. Originality is very important to us and our main goal

What’s the music scene like right now in Arizona?

I.P- I think Arizona is making a lot of moves right now and there is a lot more good quality music. 3 or 4 years ago it seemed more people on the scene sounded local and wanted to remain sounding local instead of reaching for a higher plateau, but these days the production has stepped up tremendously and we hear more artist sounding official instead a lot of bullshit that we were use to hearing. The underground scene out here has always been strong through, the Blunt club has stayed strong for ten years. its just the club scene is finally starting to catch up.

Tell us about your new mixtape “The Equation”

Izzy Neutron- The Equation is probably going to be my most favorite album. I’ll always remember hearing it the first time I had finished mastering it, and I thought to my self, “Yeah, I can do this for the rest of my life”. Basically, The Equation is a demonstration of the different types of beats I enjoy creating. And I just think that IP took that idea to the next level and actually made something that represents not only us, but the state of Hip-Hop locally in our city and nationally. It’s dope beats dope rhymes.

I.P.-Yeah thats basically how it goes down, dope beats dope rhymes. imma big little brother fan so i always say “dope beats dope rhymes what more do yall want”

Where can we get it? or

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Provided by

Who would you guys like to collab with?

I.P.-Love to get in the studio with phonte like i said am a huge little brother fan and I think it would be dope especially with Izzy Neutron beat.

Izzy Neutron- I’ve always have wanted to collaborate with producers that are better than me. Learn with and from them. If I could, I’d enjoy working under Kanye. His unique sound and drums have always inspired me as a producer striving to achieve and perfect my sound.

What is your mission with your music?

I.P.- The mission with the music is to reach as many people as possible, whether that be in the U.S or internationally . Thats whats it’s all about, music with a good message getting to the people. cause the only ones that can change hip hop is the people cause we are hip hop.

Izzy Neutron- Like IP said, reach as many people and interact with them. Learn from them and react by making more music. Over and over.

Are you guys working on a Album or Ep next?

We’re actually working on an EP next called Nerds Getting Paper.

Are you signed to a Label or releasing your music?

Our music is under two entertainment companies: Charizmatic Records and Eighty Grand

Tell us about the video I REP AZ, who directed it, what was the vision with it?

I.P- Basically the vision was all from the director Spicy Fud, a really dope director out of phoenix, we wanted to have some dope shots of AZ and then show our band aspect as well. The warehouse shots are my favorite scenes from the video. Just some straight forward hip hop shit

What do you think you guys as a group brings to HipHop and Music in general?
Izzy- I think we bring a very unique story of hip-hop developing in people and in a city–we don’t just represent ourselves. I mean, we’re a combination of a hip-hop head who’s been listening since birth and a young record producer who barely discovered hip-hop 3, 4 years ago. The result? True hip-hop: music that continues to evolve and move but still demonstrates its roots and the people that are behind that music. We don’t ever want to make music that doesn’t move, or move you in some way.

Any Advice or tips you would give people starting out in this business?
I.P.- A tip i would give out is to always believe in yourself. there is always gonna naysayers and people who tell you can’t do what you do or you can’t make the music you make, but if you remain believing your self and you stay in people faces you start to see success.

Whats the process like when making the beats to producing the tracks?
Izzy-I’m sure like most composers, it depends on what’s been inspiring me lately. Sometimes I’ll be listening to some of the tracks other producers be making and it inspires me to make a track. I explore a lot within the subgenres of hip-hop. Other times, I’ll be hearing entirely different music and it makes me want to sample it or think of a way to sample something else. Once I have the inspiration, I let the instruments in my studio express themselves. I’ll use my Les Paul on some tracks or the Fender Jazz Bass on another. Oddly enough, I haven’t made a full production with real drums. I’m working on it though.

Favorite Track?
Izzy- The New King, probably.
I.P.-the best song for me is pay day just the vibe from it is so dope.

If you guys weren’t making music, what other things are you into?
Izzy-I read a lot, more than I would like sometimes. I take interest in what I study at school so I do quite a bit of reading on that. I use to skate. So I don’t mind riding my board every once in a while. But other wise, I’m making music.

I.P.- Probably doing something with my journalism i’ve started reviews recently and love to get into that more often.

What kind of equipment do you guys use in the studio?
Izzy-I use Logic, Reason, Komplete, a Motif ES, my instruments and an M-Audio Axiom Pro controller to make my beats. IP uses either the TLM 103 or the NTK to record his tracks, depending on the track. I run him through a 6176 channel strip and record to my Mac Pro onto Logic using a MOTU 24 I/o.

Any Shotouts?
Izzy - Shout out to the Charizmatic and Eighty Grand crews - Latinabeatz


Coming straight out of the city of phoenix this emcee and producer connection started at their day job when they discovered that they both had a deep love for music. Before this, Izzy had never made a Hip-Hop beat before only making different types of music. I.P. introduced Izzy into hip hop, and Izzy fell in love with the sound and began using his skill in 6 different instruments started making beats.Reconnecting a couple years later they started to make songs together and finally decided to make it a group. That day was the birth of numbers. since then they combined to make the new street tape The Equation which is presented by Eighty Grand clothing. they have taking the AZ sound to the next level with amazing beats, dope rhymes, and deep songwriting, making dope music. -


The Equation (2010)
You Can Count on Numbers single(2010)
Nerds Getting Paper: Attack of the Robots (2011)



Military Brat born in Bitburg, Germany, Marc John moved to Arizona at a young age. Being raised on the west coast he experienced his first contact with hip hop finding the classic Album "The Chronic" by Dr. Dre. As he grew older his love for west coast hip hop stayed strong. He was listening to tupac, The Dogg Pound, Comptons Most Wanted, and many more.  In high school he begun to follow the vinyl movement and started following Rawkus Records and other underground emcees. This is why you hear the mixture of underground and west coast hip hop all throughout Marc John stand out tracks. In high school he started writing his own raps forming groups with friends and eventually started doing shows. From AZ to Hollywood Marc John has been grinding throughout the west coast making name ready to take the next step.

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