Richmond, California, USA
SoloR&BHip Hop

Are you ready??? The Bay Area, California based Singer/Songwriter Tone has released his debut single titled "Ready". This sultry r&b joint paints the picture of the way that Tone uses broad metaphors to convey his message of chasing your dreams.

"No matter the obstacles or hardships that stand in your way, be a #tonesetter and create your own path to success."



"I am a #tonesetter" Is the philosophy that r&b, hip-hop, *new rock soul* artist Marc Anthony aka "Tone" bases his songwriting and musical style from. His musical influences range from genres such as 90's r&b and hip-hop, soul, funk and rock. Artists such as D'angelo, N.E.R.D., Parliament and Blackstreet are of the greatest influences to the overall style that Tone presents to his audience.

Hailing from the Bay Area, Ca., Tone is a self-taught singer, songwriter and sound engineer. His debut single "Ready" produced by Centric (who has worked with artists including Jagged Edge, Day 26, Freeway and Swiss Beatz & the Product G&B), is a song layered with smooth lead vocals laced with hypnotic background harmonies. The combination of the production and smooth vocals accompanied with Tone's metaphoric lyrics make the single "Ready" a force to be reckoned with.

Tone's creative endeavors do not stop simply with singing, songwriting and the creation of music. Tone is also the Co-Founder of G-Tone Media Productions which focuses on utilizing various forms of media (radio, film, music etc.) to entertain while creating awareness about events, social issues and art in and around the Bay Area.

"Ready" which is also the name of Tone's upcoming 10 track mixtape project (Hosted by GBiz of 106.1 KMEL) contains an eclectic blend of sounds ranging from r&b slow jams, club joints and rock/funk infused anthems. The overall message that Tone tries to convey through his music is concepts of achieving success through struggle while having fun doing it.

"The freedom of creativity is nurishment to an artists' soul"