Marc Apostolides

Marc Apostolides

 Naugatuck, Connecticut, USA

Among the many musicians of our time, few can match the sound, the talent, and the emotional experience worthy enough to be able to perform professionally for so many years. In truth, Marc has perfected the nature of the live acoustic performance.


Summer of 1988 ended sitting on a piano stool at the Millyard, a self taught musical savant, a bartender asking for the song, the delivery musicale, a hush and many faces in the doorway, with silent applause and a crack of a smile, the room was won. So began a 20 year professional stretch, from bars to clubs and coffee houses, Marc has found a profound calling to the stage and a talent that has entranced many.


Acoustic Solo - 2007

Set List

covers include everything from America to Led Zepplin, Men at Work to Billy Withers.

Originals: (always played)

Puddle for a Day
FInd My Way
Last Call
RocknRoll Star
Another Day
Last Night on George Street
Carefree Intellectual