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Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil | INDIE

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil | INDIE
Band Jazz Alternative


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V.A La Paz IV - Coletanea, Microbio Biodata (Venezuela) | 2011.

ojO & Marcelo Armani - Productora Mutante (Chile) | 2011.

Reentrada | 2010.

Compilado Festival FOBIA (CD, DVD) - Jacobino Discos e Produtora Mutante | 2010.

Os Conceitos do seu Mundo Definem a sua Vida? ( The Concepts of your World Define your Life? ) | 2009.


Section July 13 - AMP RECS (Netlable Mexico) | 2008

Section July 15 - MUNDISCOS (Argentine) | 2008


A Força - Aplitude Recs | 2007.
No Descompasso do Transe Retalhos do meu Silêncio - Amplitude Recs | 2004.



Born in 1978 in the Carlos Barbosa town, Rio Grande do Sul, Marcelo Armani developed his musicianship as a self-taught musician, focusing on drums and percussion. In 2006 he studied Bachelor of Music at IPA Metodista in Porto Alegre and is now graduating from college in Mechanical Engineering from UFRGS. From 1998 to 2008, Marcelo was part of several musical projects with which it came to releasing some records on CD, as well as presentations by the cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Santa Catarina, Porto Alegre, Buenos Aires, La Plata and Montevideo. In one of these occasions, in São Paulo, through the Festival Invenções Rockianas the SESC Ipiranga performed with guitarist Lanny Gordin. During this period, Marcelo accompanied the musicians Argentine, Diego Souto (Chapman Stick) and Fernando Perales (prepared guitar) presentations by Brazil and Argentina.

In 2008, Marcelo starts work aimed primarily for buildings and research sound whose influences start of works and studies desenvlovidos by John Cage, La Monte Young, Pierre Schaeffer, Steve Reich, Hermeto Pascoal, Nana Vasconcelos and the Pollock's works. Marcelo follows a sound based on free improvisation and supported on Electroacoustic Music, minimalist, concrete and soundscape musics. The artist comes to putting in dialogue onvencionais instrument sounds - drums, percussion, and clarinet metallophonewith foresters and plastic objects, metallic and glassy - metallic spheres, PVC pipes, threaded rods, bells. These sounds are processed by machines loop, samplers and effects in real time. In 2009 his edit a your first record: "Concepts Define Your World, Your Life?" on CD-R and with independent distribution. In 2009 his follows a North American musician Nathan Bell (banjo and trumpet) in Porto Alegre, in October 2009 participated in the Festival of Sound Art Tsonami with the multimedia performance group, Tentacle Collective Ensemble (TEC), held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In December of that year, through projects that have joined the 7th Mercosul Biennial in Porto Alegre.

In January 2010 boards to Chile to participate in the Festival FOBIA (basic formula of Imagen y Audio) held at the Cultural Center of Spain in Santiago, Chile. In July 2010, holds its first tour of Chile in a total of nine presentations in which we highlight: Concrete Room, Cultural Center Matucana 100 (Santiago), Centro Cultural Brazil (Santiago) and Tertulia Bar (Valparaiso), with Lukax Santana chilean percussionis and Luis Toto (guitar). In December 2010, released his second album titled "Reentrada", whose tracks are part of the original soundtrack composed for the short film "Página Perdida (Lost Page)", directed by Lucas Moreira. In January 2011, as in Chile and has performed with the Cuarteto Renuevo made up of musicians improvisers Darisbo Guilherme (Brazil), Fernando Perales (Argentina) and Luis Conde (Argentina). In 2011 form with musician Fernando Perales the improvisation duo [bRAZ/ar], also participated in the DM Ensemble a group of 15 instrumentalists formed by Argentine, Venezuelan, Chilean and Brazilian, created in 2011 and whose purpose was to present the work "Cobra" by a North American composer John Zorn on schedule for the 1st FIMI (International Festival of Improvised Music) held at the Universidad del Pacifico in Santiago, Chile.

Marcelo Armani has some sound recordings released by independent record labels and netlables Argentina, Mexico and Chile. In 2011 he released the CD & Marcelo ojo Armani - "Baquelita" Chilean netlabre Productora Mutante. This paper presents the recording of the concert held in 2010 at the Cultural Center in Santiago Matucana 1OO. Also in 2011 the artist will release his third album "Construindo Sombras" by Spanish independent label Luscinia Records and participated of a selection CD <>"VA - Vol 4 LA PAZ" celebrating 10 years of independent Venezuelan netlable Microbio Biodata. Currently, work on your audiovisual project "Instante Co-habitável" in concepts and developments of projects aimed at sound installations, minister of free improvisation workshops, editing audio in home production studio and sound art workshops.