Marcelo Delacroix

Marcelo Delacroix


As the number one multi-award winning talent from Porto Alegre, Brazil, Marcelo Delacroix draws from his immigrant background for his mix of samba, tango, and other typical styles from Latin America. As a powerful singer and songwriter, his dark, sweet voice will charm anyone present.


Marcelo Delacroix is a real child of the south of Brazil. His ancestors came from France, Holland, and Syria, and in his music you can hear the various musical roots that are common in the Pampa's, as the South of Brazil is called, together with Uruguay and Argentina. Marcelo studied at the School of Music, at Ospa and the Institute of Arts at UFRGS, university of Porto Alegre. He was part of diverse groups, playing from medieaval and renaissance music, brazilian popular music from the thirties and forties, but also comtemporary music. He recorded a few CDs and was regulaly nominated, and awarded with the Asorianos Price, the regional Grammy Awards.
Apart from his solo carreer, that really took off in the year 2000 with the release of his first CD, Marcelo works with many dance and theater companies, that was also awarded for his contributions. Finally, Marcelo works as a music teacher for many educational institutions on the outskirts of Porto Alegre. His workshops with the children of Porto Alegre are something special; from the smallest of ages, Marcelo gets all involved in singing and playing instruments.
So you see, Marcelo is a true multi-talented musician that guarantees a night of soulful pop-music from the Pampa's tradition.
The European roots, mixed with Brazilian modern music, makes his music a truely universal blend of popular music.


2000: debut solo CD called 'Marcelo Delacroix'
2006: second CD called 'Depois do Raio'

Set List

1. Chove sobre a cidade (Marcelo Delacroix / Ronald Augusto)
2. Cantiga de Eira (Barbosa Lessa)
3. Depois do Raio (Marcelo Delacroix / Arnaldo Antunes)
4. Ciranda da Lua (Marcelo Delacroix / Ronald Augusto)
5. Diáfana (Marcelo Delacroix / Nelson Coelho de Castro)
6. Flores (Marcelo Delacroix/ sobre poema de Fernando Pessoa)
7. Passará (Marcelo Delacroix / Ronald Augusto)
8. Desencanto (Marcelo Delacroix/ sobre poema de Manuel Bandeira)
9. Inverno (Marcelo Delacroix / Arthur de Faria)
10. Canoeiro (Dorival Caymmi)
11. Signos (Marcelo Delacroix / Sérgio Napp)
12. Os Deuses (Marcelo Delacroix / Arthur de Faria)
13. Minueto (Marcelo Delacroix / Gustavo Finkler)
14. Gente boa (Marcelo Delacroix / Ronald Augusto)
15. Amigo do Rei (Marcelo Delacroix / Ronald Augusto)
16. Festa (Marcelo Delacroix / Ronald Augusto)