Marcel Singor

Marcel Singor


I would have to say that it's melodic, raw, plastic, organic, serious, silly, virtuoso,s tupid, smart and intense


Everything started and usually still starts with me and my guitar. I am /have been a band member, soloartist, sessionplayer/singer, songwriter, producer etc.
My main thing at the moment is recording way too many songs for my first solo album of wich you can now hear the title track. Some of my influences are: Todd Rundgren, David Bowie, Jeff Beck, Joe Walsh, Perry Farrell, Lindsey Buckingham, Jimmy Page


(as guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer) 2002

RICH WYMAN-where we stand
(as guitar player/backing vox)1999

BORN-at the end of the day
(as guitar player) 2005

BRANKO-my world electric
(guitar player) 2005

(guitarplayer, singer, songwriter, producer) 1997

(guitarplayer, backingvox, songwriter, producer) 2004

Each of these albums have enjoyed modest national radio airplay.
I have appeared on many more releases but these are some of the more essential ones.