March Against Me

March Against Me


M.A.M marches right at you from ear to ear; shoots you down when you think you've heard it all and captures you hostage in a world of lyrical genius all the while staying true to their roots as rock solid musicians. Left ... right ... Left ... right ... HALT! It's M.A.M Time!


All 4 musicians formed the band Torment and played together for 6 years. Although the band was very successful, having toured South Africa and Namibia, the band dissolved due to a member loss and a member change and so M.A.M was born. M.A.M encompasses a much fresher rock feeling and hopes to get your head bopping.
Though relatively new, the band has already played at Season Wither Festival to an audience of over 500 people and are currently awaiting the release of their music video and EP. They have also been picked to perform alongside Fokof, AKing and other great bands at Rude, Tattooed & Musically Intuned rock festival in Secunda - Oct 2010.


Goodbye - latest single
I don't care - latest single

Recording EP and music video for MK