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Houston, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Houston, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"A Mixtape in 24 hours"

Even though he’s been recording and stashing tracks for his upcoming Scott St. project, Marc Haize was stuck in an interesting predicament. The rapper recently celebrated his birthday and couldn’t figure out what to do. Kind of a weird thing to befall a rapper, especially one as beloved by friends and family as Marc Haize but that’s sort of what happens when you’re full of ideas and not one really sticks. So instead, Marc Haize locked himself in the booth and recorded until he couldn’t anymore in a massive bout of insomnia and creative energy. The result? Back In The Day (Scott St. Sessions) where Haize combs through a massive 13 tracks including interludes with DJ Auditory and Gene of II-XX, all within a 24-hour timeframe. True to Haize’s nature, Back In The Day (Scott St. Sessions) matches his sing-song rap flow with airy production that sound tailor made for a Sonic Adventures level and then some.

Here’s Haize’s thoughts on the creation of Back In The Day (Scott St. Sessions) and why he probably needs to go to sleep.

“I didn’t know what to do for my B-Day besides make music. I made this mixtape in less than 24 hours and haven’t slept or ate. I want to say a long birthday speech but I’m tired lol. But honestly I’m so thankful for all of my family and friends who support me. This is for you. My project “Scott St.” will be here in the summer. Thank you mom and Auntie Dana for your sacrifices for me to be able to see this day and to be able to have a dream. I’m confident they will all be realities soon. Thank You for all of the bday love. I sincerely appreciate it. This music is to show you that I’m still going SO HARD in this OMG this isn’t even Scott St! I’m 25 now so I don’t really have a choice lol. Feels like it was just yesterday I was skateboarding and chasing girls in Okinawa. If you want to give me a gift for my bday just hit the Share button. You don’t have to keep me a secret anymore lol. I still cuss a lot though. I’m sorry mom.

Randomly I was thinking… If I had one bday wish it would be to see my Uncle Derrick one more time. I’ll make sure you get to see me shine. R.I.P.

‪#ScottSt‬ Summer 16″ - Brandon Caldwell

" interviews Marc Haize"

Trust is one of the most important things that you can attain in life. In music, you subconsciously put a lot of trust into artists on many levels. There are some artists that you just fully trust, and I have many of those artists, but Gerald Walker is easily at the top of that list. Just based on the quality of his plethora of releases, I have full trust in whatever he cosigns or does in music.

Where am I going with this? Well, I am headed right to OSAT Music‘s latest signee, Marc Haize. Marc has a very interesting back-story, which will be touched on in our interview with the artist. Find out more about the Houston native below, and you can also listen to his latest track ‘Toronto’ right before you begin reading the interview.

How does it feel to link up with Gerald Walker & OSAT Music?

Its really cool. I feel like this will be a huge learning experience for me as an independent artist and I’m very grateful.

You used to be a member of a group named II-XX. Was leaving the group and becoming a solo artist very difficult?

It was but it allowed me to grow musically. It has been a burden taking on so much responsibility on my own but well worth it. I still rep for my II-XX crew and plan on expanding the brand over time but in the meantime the focus is Marc Haize

You seem to sample or drop many 90’s references in your songs, but you also rap over some newer, progressive production. Would you say you are still trying to find your sound, or you are just showing your versatility?

To be honest its a little bit of both. I feel like the 90’s brought about some of the best music and sometimes I like to relive those glory years through my music but at the same time I want to do something new hence the progressive instrumentation. I’ll quote artist of that era often to pay homage as well as entertain listeners who are fans of the same music I grew up on. I also like to show my versatility simply because I don’t want to be confined to one genre or sound, I feel that puts me in a box and creates limits to my creativity. I just want to make great music,

I see you used to play football at University of Houston. What position did you play, & what teams are repping?

I played cornerback/safety because I was too small to play linebacker lol. I am a huge Detroit Lions and Houston Texans fan, Hopefully before I die I can see these two in the Superbowl together but that’s just wishful thinking

What is your opinion on streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, etc?

They definitely allow independent artist to be heard by a larger audience. Of course it’s a good and bad thing that listeners are able to stream albums for free but from my end I’m just trying to be heard. I’m sure Taylor Swift has a different opinion.

Name one dream collaboration that you would love to create.

Its difficult just naming one but I’d really like to work with Kanye some day just to see the dudes creative process as well as learn how to make some epic instrumentals.

What kind of music have you been listening to lately?

A lot of R&B and soul from the 90’s to recent. I’ll go from Toni Tone Tony to Justin Timberlake. Some trap music every once in a while because I love the bass. I’ve mostly been listening to a lot of indie artist out of the whole Soulection movement. Childish Gambino‘s latest album was pretty dope too.

What can we expect from Marc Haize in the future?

“Keep Up The Good Work” is my next project.

Fill in the blank: When people hear the name Marc Haize, _____.

Think of great music and sexy awesomeness. -

"Marc Haize Interviewed by The Arts Guild"

Name: Marc Haize

NXNE Show: Crawford Bar – Thursday, June 19 @ 11pm

Hometown: Detroit/Houston

Music Genre: Hip Hop/Electronic

Year it all began: 2009

Quick Introduction:
My name is Marc Haize, I am 23 and was born in Detroit, MI but had moved often in my earlier years and ended up in Houston, TX. I’ve been recording songs since I was about 13 but I have been really pursuing a music career since 2010 when I started a rap group called 2-Twenty. We then started getting booked heavily from venues such as warehouse live and House of blues, not only in Houston but all over Texas. We all are currently working on solo projects. I personally enjoy the electro, hip hop.

What got you into music?
I’ve always loved music, I actually grew up as a choir kid but I slowly got into rapping from hearing the upperclassman rap while I was staying out in Japan and I was convinced I could do so much better. I also wasn’t even allowed to listen to rap until I turned eleven. I immediately fell in love with it. I started recording on webcam microphones in my friends living room, then over time I kept at it all the way to college, of course I bought better microphones over time and it became more of an outlet. I started a rap group in my dorm room at University of Houston with some friends I had met and we dropped a few mix tapes and began to get a lot of recognition in the city. We were getting called for shows and was recognized a few times by the Houston Press Awards. I recently began doing my solo music though.

What are your sources of inspiration?
My inspiration comes from everyday life experiences from love, my goals, my ups, my downs, my highs, my lows, and beautiful females. My family keeps me going though. I have to pay my brothers tuition with this, He’s 10 now. So I have less than eight years make it.

Dream gig? I was going to say the Grammy’s but thats way too tamed. I’d love to perform in front of a stadium FULL of people, something huge like Bonnaroo or Coachella would be amazing, especially if it were some where in Europe.

Your thoughts about NXNE?
Its definitely a new experience that I’m looking forward to having. I love to get out of Texas just to see something new. I’m excited.

Interesting points others don’t know about you?

If I could sing better I’d be an R&B artist.
I’m interested in acting/modeling but I don’t want to pay for classes.
I left a full scholarship with the military and quit playing football to pursue my dreams in music, I didn’t know it would leave me so poor originally.
If I was a better football player I’d still be playing football - The Arts Guild

" (Complex Magazine Network) Premiere's Marc Haize's "Himalaya" single"

"Booth newcomer Marc Haize ain’t a player, he just crush a lot. Some people would call that a distinction without a difference, but you know what? I’ll refrain from splitting hairs, since the Houston-by-way-of-Detroit emcee’s latest mixtape single, Himalaya, is just that dope—and it happens to be a Booth-exclusive world premiere. Tut-Piece mans the mixing boards on this breezy summer jam, borrowing a sample from the Southside Playaz’ What’s Going On. Haize’s smooth, self-assured rhymes fit right in over the summery beat. Feeling it? Then keep it locked for more fresh tunes leading up to the unscheduled release of Marc’s next street album, Marc Haize as Mike Lowery." -

" Premieres "Paradise""

Moscow’s own Dany Kole treats us to an expertly crafted summer banger. With effortlessly soaring synths, chunky kick drums, and the lazy haze flow of Marc Haize, this Russian songwriter serves up a tune sculpted by retro synths and a brilliantly modern sheen. Where the tonal landscape is influenced by the likes of Phil Collins and New Order, the rhythm section has us kicking back in full 2015 fashion. And while It’s not quite the weekend, we’ll be playing this one on repeat exactly like it is. -

" (Complex Magazine) features Marc Haize's "Toronto""

Marc Haize hails from Houston and currently resides in Detroit, but his latest feature finds him kicking it a bit farther north. Specifically, the record finds him chilling in Toronto. His mind, on the other hand, remains back home with a certain woman, whom he reaches out to on this silky-smooth cut. Backed by Haan808‘s silky-smooth synths and samples soul vocals, the artist assures the girl in question that she’ll be item numero uno on his agenda when he returns from his travels. KeepUpTheGoodWork has yet to receive a solid drop date, but fans can, of course, watch our front page for further singles leading up to its arrival. -

""Paradise" reviews from UK"

t a welcome surprise to hear tropical sounds coming from Russia. A self-taught singer-songwriter, DJ and producer, Danny Kole shares with us his original tune “Paradise” that’s as colorful as the cover art depicts. Infusing the R&B styled vocals of Marc Haize with a synth heavy landscape, “Paradise” emits a hypnotizing spell on its listeners and with some solid remixes under his belt we suggest you keep an eye on this budding producer. - See more at: -

""Paradise" receives global love"

Producteur originaire de Moscou, Dany Kole s'est fait un nom ces dernières semaines sur la scène nudisco et electro-funk.

Il propose de débuter l'été avec "Paradise", titre inédit réalisé en collaboration avec le chanteur Marc Haize disponible en téléchargement gratuit sur SoundCloud.

Une tranche de groove à déguster sans plus attendre ci-dessous : -

"The Smoking Section Features "Feel Good Music (Weekend Girl)""

“When I opened my inbox today and had around fifty new submissions from the past day and a half, I was praying to find one who would make my listening session a bit less daunting, by being noticeably dope immediately. About 30 seconds into the aptly-titled “Feel Good Music,” I was pleased my man MarcHaize had just provided exactly what my heart desired.
Coasting atop an uptempo beat by producer Kaytranada, this easily-absorbed jam comes across as a welcomed smorgasbord of other stylings. From the Daft Punk lyrical interpolation to the fact when Marc raps fast, he comes across almost exactly like iAMSu! – the song feels familiar. Yet, those qualities work well when crafted amidst this eclectic context and the stand-out track from this Houston artist ends up serving as an extremely enticing first single to his upcoming self-titled mixtape.” - The Smoking Section

" features "Himalaya" single"

Smooth jazzy single from Marc Haize produced by Tut-Piece promoting his “Purple Haize” album coming soon. -

"Brand New, No Mistakes"

Marc Haize originally wanted to premiere his take on Tame Impala’s “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” when he first heard the Australian band (namely Kevin Parker)’s Currents album months back. The single recently got a bit of new life thanks to Rihanna’s ANTI LP that dropped last month and now Marc Haize figures, why not? Haize and his casual Midwest to Houston flair use “Brand New (No Mistakes)” as another player-heavy ode with bars bending around one night stands turning into two thanks to some food, some lovers and plenty of discussions and interactions about wanting to be better. Haize has always found a way to make certain that everything about him is centered towards figuring out not just himself but women as well. That’s kind of what happens when you’re a Kappa from Michigan, find our way to Texas and then are just poppled down to make sense of everything. - Brandon Caldwell

" (Complex Magazine) Premieres Shine (Extended)"

Houston emcee and budding star Marc Haize has done all the right things over this past year to build his name in this industry. With a bevy of releases, he’s bringing them all together in his upcoming project “Keep Up The Good Work”, for those who still need to play catch up while he works on his upcoming, currently untitled album. Produced by LION KNGS & Artem, this one is called “Shine (Extended)” and is a hidden track off the project about the bad side of chasing the dream. Look for Marc’s project to drop later this month after he throw’s his release party in his hometown. More info on that is available right here on his website. -

"Houston Press Features Himalaya Single"

II-XX is a group that is currently on minor hiatus. By hiatus of course that means everyone is still together, they're just making solo tracks and efforts to showcase their individual talents. Haize is the player of the group, a smooth-talking ladies man who dips more into Kaytranada than your tried-and-true screw rhetoric. "Himalaya" digs into Southside Playaz's "What's Going On" for another club number where the party revolves around him. - Houston Press

"Marc Haize featured in PEACE Magazine"

Since the release of Himalaya back in June, Marc Haize has been holed up in the studio, hard at work on a new full-length project. And to hold fans over, the Houston emcee returns today with new track titled 2 Years After 21 produced by The Chemist. Check it out below and keep it locked for more fresh singles from this talented up-and-comer. - PEACE Magazine

" features single "Shine" Prod. by LION KNGS"

Coming to us from Houston although originally born in Detroit is a new artist to me who goes by the name of Marc Haize. Marc is prepping to release his Marc Haize as Mike Lowery: NXNE Mixtape next weekend which will be a follow up to his previous mixtape, the new body of work is set to feature some new tracks which is what we have here with ‘Shine’. Stream below. -

" features Marc Haize single "Shine""

Marc Haize is a young Houston artist with a strong hip hop, electronic, and R&B feel. Originally born in Detroit, moving across the globe with his military uprising has had him develop a very diverse musical background making each song sound completely different from the next. This joint is off his upcoming mixtape that he’s dropping for NXNE (a music festival in Toronto that he will be performing at next weekend) which is basically an extension of his last project. It will include some new tracks including the song below. Check it out. -

"Dallas Examiner Reviews 220Music's "The Following""

"220Music: (“The Following”): The Bayou City’s 220Music came out of nowhere and plans to stay on the accelerator and in control of the clutch as long as the world agrees to never let go. Haize, Escalator Up, Gene, and DJ Auditory have managed to put Houston on their back and land on Houston Press’ Music Awards ballot for Best Mixtape (“The Following”), Best Hip-Hop DJ (DJ Auditory), and Best Rap Group.

“The Following” is a cauldron filled to the brim with a college story, a dash of carpe diem, Outkast nostalgia, a chilling Janelle Monae effect, and relatable themes that 20-somethings can jam to. The production is especially excellent on “Ice Cube Chillin’,” “Smile” and “What’s The Move.”

220Music is a collection of Houston transplants from Oakland, Detroit and Beaumont who met at the right place and right time. With a second collection of artistry under their belt, the four Houstonians are now the main attraction and closer to heaven." - Dallas Examiner

" features "Feel Good Music (Weekend Girl)"

“Houston up comer Marc Haize dropped us his first release from his debut mixtape "Mike Lowery" coming this month. I don't usually like tracks and flows like this but I was diggin this.” -

"Paradise featured on"

Paradise’ is the brand new tropical-flavoured tune from Russian singer/songwriter/producer Dany Kole, featuring the vocal assistance of Texas-based hip-hop artist Marc Haize.

Haize‘s R&B vocal croons weave their way through layers of infectious tropical beats, twinkling retro synths and Dany Kole’s swoonsome falsetto. The brightly polished production of ‘Paradise’ will wash over you with a flood of feel-good summery feels. -

"Fresco Dojo features "Feel Good Music (Weekend Girl)""

“Um yeah, I’m jamming the fuck out of this. I loveee this beat, this track is definitely feel good. Its full of flavor & energy. Marc Haize’s voice is too cool so it brings about an interesting yet delightful mixture. His first solo mixtape Mike Lowry is set to drop sometime this month. I can’t wait to see what it has in store.” - Fresco Dojo

"International House of Sound Reviews "Paradise""

Dany Kole returns to our blog with a brand new single titled “Paradise.” His shimmering production is on full display here, and along with Dany’s own vocals, you can also catch Houston based Marc Haize. We’re starting to get a better sense of Kole’s signature indie dance/nu disco style. The synth work in this track flows effortlessly and when those fluttering tones pair up with Marc’s monotone vocals, we get a keen taste of how well Dany handles melodies. Grab a cocktail, dip your feet into a body of water and enjoy this feeling of paradise. Grab the free download here. -

"Dallas Examiner Reviews 220Music show at House of Blues Dallas, TX"

“220Music proved to have a strong following Thursday night. High-pitched screams, dancing and name interjections throughout their performance took Gene, EscalatorUp, Marc Haize, and DJ Auditory to the next level of being the quintessential ladies men. 220Music perfected the necessary highs and lows of a performance with smooth and livelier tracks. The opening of “Jet Fuel” with EscalatorUp’s effortless delivery ignited the spark this group needed. The group ended their classic performance with a Space City rendition of “Intergalactic” in order to remember the late and great Adam Yauch—better known as MCA of the Beastie Boys. 220Music is licensed to ill.” - Dallas Examiner

"Houston Press Nominates 220Music for Best Rap Group"

220 Music
Lower Life Form
The Niceguys” - Houston Press

" features Toronto single"

The Mike Lowery days of Marc Haize determined that his sound shouldn't be anywhere close to traditional Houston haze (no pun intended). Instead it's ethereal and almost R&B at times, and has gone worldwide. "Toronto" dips and dives behind handclaps and Haize's own singing, influenced greatly by the week or so he spent at that city's North By Northeast festival earlier this year. By the way, no one region is creating late-night mood music better than those 416 kids. Nobody. - Houston Press

" writes review on "Feel Good Music (Weekend Girl)""

“ The nucleus of 220 Music is rooted inside whatever mindset you can breed a Kappa man in, mostly good times and being on the scene inside of said good time. You could consider that disrespectful but in the eyes of Marc Haize, it’s a badge of honor. The 220 Music member isn’t exiting the group just to complete his upcoming solo debut Mike Lowery but his selection of production, namely the disco sounds of “Feel Good Music (Weekend Girl)” from Kaytranada differs heavily from the usual bombast and flutter that 220 is known for. Here Haize, sprucing himself up in some interesting Pharrell-sized coda channels a bit of new aged disco and fun, all mixed inside a cup of 151 & Sprite.” -

" features Toronto Single"

You know with a track name “Toronto” created by a Texan, I’m not only going to raise an eyebrow, but also be highly critical. As March Haize continues to work on his new project ‘KeepUptheGoodWork’, he teamed up with producer Haan808 from New Zealand to reflect on his time spent up here in the 416. -

" features Toronto single"

Marc Haize is one of the rising artists from Houston who is beginning to make his impact. Funny how Houston received a major boost when Drake was on the come up. Now, in a weird twist, Marc Haize releases his single, which is called “Toronto,” named after Drake’s hometown. -

"Marc Haize "2 years after 21" on Backseat Mafia"

Houston emcee Marc Haize is a smooth operator. Following on from his much admired mixtape Himalaya which dropped back in June, and leading up to his new, as yet unscheduled album Keep up the Good Work, Haize has released a new track ’2 Years after 21′, produced by The Chemist.

It has this sprawling trip hop drum, with a hazy electronic piano figure thats loops gently pretty much throughout the track. Over the top, Haize lays down his insightful rhymes and cadences in a warm, listenable style to present just about the smoothest thing we’ve heard in a while.

One to watch out for, is Marc Haize -

"Marc Haize and Dany Kole make "The Jam Jar" on"

The weather here in San Francisco today is, well, shit. But in our minds we’re hanging poolside, drinks served up in the hot heat of southern Spain, so this newest collection of tunes is set to suit just that. We’ve got some absolute gems coming your way, starting off with Melbourne producer Cleopold’s brilliant rendition of Miami Horror’s By Your Side. Past that comes a fresh new jam from Russia’s Dany Kole featuring Texas-based hip-hop artist Marc Haize, Arizona’s Honest with a sun-drenched remix of Viceroy Back At The Start, mainstays The Twelves back in action with a spotless take on ON AN ON’s It’s Not Over — plus more. Check them all out below and escape for a little while. -

"Marc Haize on 104.5 FM"

Houston emcee and budding star Marc Haize has done all the right things over this past year to build his name in this industry.

With a bevy of releases, he’s bringing them all together in his upcoming project “Keep Up The Good Work”, for those who still need to play catch up while he works on his upcoming, currently untitled album. Produced by LION KNGS & Artem, this one is called “Shine (Extended)” and is a hidden track off the project about the bad side of chasing the dream. Look for Marc’s project to drop later this month after he throw’s his release party in his hometown. More info on that is available right here on his website. - 104.5 FM radio

"Marc Haize on"

“With Fall amongst us, we look back at summer and realize it was one hell of summer for Tony Del FreshCo and Marc Haize. While out in Miami Tony and Marc felt extremely inspired by the culture and After numerous live performances of the track “Tim Hardaway” the fan fare and reception for it was amazing. So we decided to give the supporters what they want. This will be the first official release from Tony Del FreshCo’s “Red October” and will also appear on Marc’s upcoming project that is due to drop later this fall. The track is produced by upcoming super producer group SMKA. As always ALL GLORY TO THE FRESH…… BlessTheFresh” -

"Marc Haize & Dany Kole with Mammal Sounds"

Russian singer, songwriter and producer Dany Kole, teams up with Texas-based hip-hop artist Marc Haize for his brand new tropical-flavoured tune, ‘Paradise.’

Marc Haize was so impressed after hearing Dany Kole’s 2014 debut EP Pictures, he decided to reach out to see if he’d be interested in working with him on a track. Dany was excited by the opportunity and sent Marc a few beats he had laying around. Soon after Marc had sent back a reworked recording that simply blew Dany’s mind, and after a few tweaks and minute changes, it became quite clear that this would be Dany’s next official release.

Marc Haize’s R&B-flavoured vocals work incredibly well against Dany Kole’s swoonsome falsetto, together weaving their way through layers of infectious tropical beats, twinkling retro synths, and a brightly polished production that washes over you with a flood of feel-good summery feels. -

" on Haize's "Nightfall" and his move to California"

Marc Haize moved to California, his mindset about love didn’t move anywhere.

When you don’t hear from Marc Haize for a little while, he’ll pop up on you. It may not exactly be in the, “Hey stranger” sort of way but more akin to a whole new social media page and then some. Haize left Houston in the middle of the night and set up roots in Los Angeles. It’s nothing new for the Michigan native. He came to Houston to play football and somehow found himself in a rap group with two of his best friends.

“Nightfall” is Haize’s first release since the move to Los Angeles. After falling in love (at least musically) on July’s “Summer”, he’s back working in the world of infidelity and trust issues. Stream it below. - Brandon Caldwell

"YouHeardThatNew ( features Haize's "Nightfall""

Marc Haize is an artist from Houston,TX currently residing in Los Angeles as he works on finishing his upcoming ‘Scott St.’ project. After his release of his upbeat and love story inspired single “Summer,” he switches it up on “Nightfall,” where he speaks on infidelity and the trust issues that seem to burden many of us. -


School Daze (220Music) - 2010
School Daze (220Music) - 2011
The Following (220Music) - 2012
Mike Lowery: Side A - 2014
Keep Up The Good Work - 2015
Back In The Day Mixtape: Scott St. Sessions -2016



Marc Haize is a man of style and focus. He's a dreamer yet a realist and spends countless hours writing songs about it for the sake of his sanity. Originally born in Detroit,MI. Haize's drifter-like lifestyle would eventually land him in Houston in his last year of high school. While attending the University of Houston on the military's dime he'd actively record demos in his free time with his friends in his dorm room. He'd then release a few mixtapes and start a rap group that would garner him local attention and get him on some stages and meet some beautiful woman. Haize would eventually ditch the garrison cap, get kicked out of school, grow a beard, and go see the world.

He never left Texas.

Marc Haize made a decision to leave the rap group for opportunity to grow. He briefly attended community college to learn how to record music and build a studio. Once armed with the knowledge he built a studio at home and would record and mix when he wasn't at work ( and still does). He would grow his beard a little longer, step up his swagger and drop a few mixtapes again but this time he's gotten to Canada, collaborated with a Russian DJ, and has thrown his own headline show! The progress alone has been proof that he's made the right decision.

Haize was introduced to Houston's southern yet soulful hip hop sound while he was living in Japan 2 years before he'd coincidentally move there. Since early on he's had a style of rapping that Houston legend Big Moe would coin as "rapsinging" where he goes back in forth between raps, melodic flows and harmonic hooks over hard kicks and great music. With Haize’s undoubted talent, work ethic, and his "GQ'ish" demeanor he has all the tangibles of being someone the world can get familiar with. Marc Haize currently resides in Los Angeles where he is currently finishing his project Scott St. which is expected to released in 2017

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