Marc Harris & Mojo Rising

Marc Harris & Mojo Rising


Marc's voice and guitar echo his experience working with top artists. Harris plays surfy blue guitar and sings catchy vocal melodies. The Birmingham Weekly calls Marc an up-and comer, The Athens Flagpole defines Marc’s sound as Guitar Strong Modern Rock - It's best described as Southern Surf.


Marc picked up the guitar at age 13 in Memphis TN and started playing clubs by age 15. After moving to Nashville and finishing school Harris had the opportunity to record with Grammy winning producer Brent Maher and tour the US and Europe with Radio One, Lee Roy Parnell & John Berry among others. Duane Eddy displayed interest in producing one of Marc’s early bands and made regular visits to their rehearsals. Harris also appeared in numerous nationally broadcast live TV performances and music videos including Shania Twain’s hit, “No One needs To Know” from the movie “Twister”.

Marc began playing his own music after leaving Nashville. “A sense of freedom came over me when I moved and songs started falling out. Playing solo a lot helped me find my true style. I play live constantly and trying new songs on the gig has a great effect on the recording process. Sometimes I'll change an arrangement of a song to incorporate something I did when I was jamming. The energy of a show allows me to lose myself in the moment and find the real thing. Songs like like "Yellow Fly' and "Come On Up' were born in a live setting. The element of surprise attracts me to music.”

Harris’ electro blue guitar style moves beyond tone and technique. Marc lets his guitar sing as if it had a voice of it’s own. Looping pedals and his use of two Fender Deluxe Reverb amps allow Marc to fall into layers guitar sounds when he performs. Marc supports his original music by getting out and playing. “There’s no better way to let people know what your doing than to turn on the amps, get behind the mic, and go”.
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Here & Now CD - 2004

Sara Please - Wave 102.1 Ft. Walton Beach FL

Here and Now, Sara Please & All The Time In The World - 30A Radio, Seaside FL

Set List

Original Music Mixed with covers that compliment Marc's electric blues surf style.