Marc Higgins Band

Marc Higgins Band


Marc Higgins Band is Southeastern Urban Americana with influences ranging from SonVolt to Wilco.MHB encumbers the upstate of SC regional sound.


Marc Higgins Band Biography Formed in the early spring of 2005 in Spartanburg, South Carolina Marc Higgins Band is already becoming an upstate "must hear and see" with other regions soon to follow. Having Toured in support of their 2006 debut CD "Change is Good"; Marc Higgins Band has already made fans out of first time listeners. Their no gimmick attitude and entrancing live performances draw audiences closer with each song.
Following “Change is Good” comes Marc Higgins Band 2007 cd release “Slow Moving Train”. As a seasoned songwriter, Marc Higgins shows depth and much diversity using tasteful guitar licks, raw harmonica melody and alluring lyrics .”Slow Moving Train” is a well documented record of marc Higgins ever evolving and well crafted song writing. Relating personal experiences into his songs and sticking to the idea of "only write what you know", "Slow Moving Train" is a testament to the wide spectrum of Marc’s regional influence only found in the upstate of South Carolina’s Bourgeoning music scene. With songs like Sweet Carolina, Waiting for you There, Dream and She never Pretends, Marc Higgins engineers “Slow Moving Train” down the urban Americana tracks.
Followed by Marc Higgins is drummer Michelle Lee. Michelle has played with Marc Higgins for over ten years in such bands as The Turnaround and the Edmonds. Michelle is a faithfully tight and steady drummer always playing to a mass appeal; this girl likes to be heard!
Next up In the Marc Higgins Band is Bass player Keith Wilkins. No rookie himself, Keith has been playing bass in Upstate area bands for over twelve years. Playing with almost as many musicians as there are styles, Keith brings a sound to the MHB that is uniquely his own. With time well spent in bands like indie rock favorite The Giants and local roots and blues legend Dejablu, Keith's tasteful yet sometimes edgy style falls nowhere short of a perfect fit for this ensemble of four.
This puzzle can only be completed with the haunting harmonies of Courtney Johnson. Courtney's sultry backing vocals compliment and complete MHB's southeast sound thus bringing depth and unison to this Spartanburg based band.
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sweet carolina

Written By: Marc Higgins

I wanna talk until you can get it
I’ve said enough and baby I regret it
Baby, baby don’t you know that it’s to late
I wanna drive until I can’t see you
The sun will set and rise in my rearview
Baby, baby don’t you know I’m going away
But then she says
Hey baby, Jesus saves
And his blood can wash it away
And sweet Carolina
How could you make me walk the line?
When all I wanna do is baby love you


Written By: Marc Higgins

I think it’s funny when you say your gonna mingle
Then lose yourself inside the crowd
And when you changed it wasn’t just a little
Yeah, I don’t think I know you now
And in the night you run into the shadows
Where no one knows if that is you
Oh honey I know more then just a little
I know who you’re kissing too
Yeah, I know who you’re kissing too
It doesn’t matter where I say that I’ll be going
Cause you’re the talk around this town
I’m not a fool in the kings’ court of jesters
I’m just the one who’s laughing now
So keep your seat when the table gets to turning
And play the game the way you do
Cause pretty soon all the shit you been giving
Will soon be coming back to you
Will soon be coming back to you
I need to leave but I still find a reason
I wanna feel it that way too
I need to leave but I still find a reason
I wanna bring my lovin' back to you
Yeah bring my lovin' back to you
Yeah tonight comes
He’ll be sittin' around waiting on a signal
Yeah tonight will come
And he’ll be sitting around waiting on a signal
Hurting just a little
Stuck inside the middle

she never pretends

Written By: Marc Higgins

She walks on glass, cutting her feet
Leaving a trail, everybody can see
And I love to watch her fly
As she tumbles down
From the greatest height
I want to ask her now
Baby, ain’t it a game
Beautiful eyes, lovely face
She’s heard every line
Yeah she never pretends
And I love to watch her fly
As she tumbles down
From the greatest height
I want to ask her now
Baby, ain’t it a game


2006 cd debut "Change is Good". Songs from this cd heard on radio are Cat chase the dog, I know what you Know and Change is Good.
2007 cd release "Slow Moving Train". Songs heard from this cd are Sweet Carolina, She Never Pretends and Slow Moviong Train.

Set List

We typicaly play a two hour set of all original material or break it up into two one hour sets. We also have an almost as equaly long set of covers if needed , including songs from the Grateful Dead , Dylan, Tom Petty and all the way to The Ramones. We keep it Tastefull!