Marching Mind

Marching Mind

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

The musical sensibilities of prog, the raw emotion of grunge and the spirit of metal...heavy, melodic, energetic and at some times glorious.


Marching Mind is a completely new musical experience than you’re likely to have heard before. They combine elements from a vast range of influences such as metal, classical, progressive rock and even grunge music…yet seem to avoid sounding derivative of any one genre. In the early days, the band jokingly referred to themselves as “grog” or “grunge-prog” when asked to describe their sound. Somehow this label seemed to stick over the years and became the best way to describe this enigmatic band. Known for their energetic live show and complex yet melodic arrangements, Marching Mind has created a signature sound that is nearly impossible to emulate.

The band’s current lineup came together in Vancouver, BC in 2008 with members hailing from all across Canada. After releasing their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2009 and subsequent 2010 cross-country tour, Marching Mind was signed by Fivebyfive Records and headed back to the studio in fall of 2011 to record their 70 minute follow up album “The Sickness and the Theory”.


The Harbinger

Written By: Jeremy Tardif

It could happen to you, what some think could never be
He sent out a message to another galaxy
He gave them a warning. Desperation in him
He said "You must expect the man,
Curse of greed is in his hand"
Price of his inferno
Now enter his fury
Chaos locked inside his mind
Vestige of a former time

Who can save them if they refuse to listen
Shadows falling over them
Who can save them if they refuse to listen
They're already blind

It haunted him
The death that brought him down
It follows him
And he must reach them

Hubris holds his head up high
"No foe dares invade our sky"
Pluto rolls the dice and says
"Chances are they'll pass us by"
Frivol nods upon his throne
And chooses not to care
They're leaders of a fattened world
A people unaware

Data Complex

Written By: Jeremy Tardif

My name is Monami .7153
I walk through Cinema to catch the lost debris
A cyber spectrum within vast digitized scenes
A grand kaleidoscope, a virtual sea

Waking in the inner chamber
To the Aerospace, my makers home
Shedding all my numeral splendor
Im just a digit in this industrial code
It's what they made me for, to catch the lost debris
But I ask, is there something more, must be something more to me

Climbing out I view the chaos
For the makers had their chance to see
Ignoring their own Makers wisdom
Loved their minds and sealed their own destiny
It's what they traded for, the image of a race
The unavoidable was the image took their place

So I entered Cinema with my final resolve
I'll crash the failed system and I'll catch the human fall
In sowing the encryption I now believed
My purpose would be different, more a man than a machine

The siege of Aerospace now thwarted
In Cinema redemption made
Now freedom given to the makers
That they may choose a better way

My name is Monami .7153
I walked through Cinema to catch the lost debris
A cyber spectrum within vast digitized scenes
A grand kaleidoscope, a virtual sea


Written By: Jeremy Tardif

This instantaneous reaction to ascension
The least conventional deny such liberation
You were there for me when I fell in desperation
Came for me, rescued me, then sent me on a mission

I see this world
It's all I know
And I see the greed of man to rise and overthrow
Forgetting life

I don't feel strong enough to take the path that's given
This poison screams and begs for me to reconsider
Alive for you, I give my spirit to this vision
In fear of nothing, I will stand in this decision

I see this world
It's all I know
And I see the greed of man to rise and overthrow
Forgetting life


The Sickness and the Theory
2012 (CD approx 69 min.)
Release date: Feb. 24, 2012

Marching Mind
2009 (CD, 52:05)
RATING 15 (out of 16)

"Fuse Rush, I Mother Earth and Nirvana in a transporter accident and you'd get something akin to Canada's latest progressive export: Marching Mind. This 10-song debut disc is a great choice for classic rock/prog buffs seeking something new and righteous. The quartet rocks hard, only occasionally going full-on metallic. The solos are economically measured: performances remain in the pocket, servicing the songs well. Vocalist/keyboardist Jeremy Tardif's vocals possess a delightfully "indie" quality, blending surprisingly well with the abiding Rush/Signals-esque vibe.
Compositions are strong, with some truly sophisticated arranging on display in tunes such as "Harbinger" and the radio-ready "Placid Ascension". "Data Complex" features an interesting mix of acoustic guitar, odd time signatures and cyber-lyrics that would make Neil Peart proud. The band really goes for it on "Shattered Helm," a high-octane ripper thick with meter changes.
We'd be remiss not to mention the excellent packaging, featuring a foldout gallery of Jared Tardif's "Tarkus"-like creepy pen and ink illustrations. One of the fresher voices in prog in a while. March over and grab a copy."

-JIM CIRILE, Progression Magazine issue #60, Autumn 2010.

"Mission" included on "Riot on Sunset XX" Compilation CD.
57 Radio Station Adds + many online
CMJ #3 add in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
CMJ #5 add in Chicago, IL
WMCC album charted 3 weeks reaching #31

Set List


Data Complex
The Way Out
Forgotten Face
Shattered Helm
The Harbinger
Placid Ascension
Temporary State of Balance
Luminous Descent
Born Upon Tears
Vertigo of Silence
Steps of Avaran
Astral Transmission
Locust Enigma
Surge Subterra
Subdivisions (RUSH)

About 130 minutes to draw from.