March to the Arctic

March to the Arctic



In the midst of the ever-growing world of modern music, March to the Arctic stands to defy the odds with their self defined Power Indie style. Their diverse musical soundscapes and dynamic vocal approach lead to a truly unique sound that calls for its own genre.

The band has recently finished their debut E.P., Produced by Keny Ruyter and Mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Modest Mouse, Beastie Boys etc..) and are looking to set up a cd release show in DC in december and will shortly thereafter, overtake the Music Business.


Epic Victoria

Written By: March to the Arctic

It was dark at six fifteen, as I left the ally I prayed that I hadn't been seen
Run Ron Sunshine, Run Ron Sunshine (x2)

I, I saved the town, now we can dance around the fire place without the villain, the fireplace without the villain (x2)

Believe, just believe, I said believe in me (x6)

I said I put his head in a basket, the villain's house is now the casket, the bumble bees will all sing along the bumble bees will all sing along (x3)

I, I saved the town, now we can dance around the fireplace without the villains, the fireplace without


"Kick! Punch! Attitude!"- 2007
"Don't wake the Smellephant" -2006

Set List

we usually play 45 minute sets.