Marcia Pandolfi

Marcia Pandolfi


Big on melody and harmonies. Humor both in lyrics and arrangement/instrumentation, though not novelty. Weird, yet somehow clear and straight-ahead. Really! Works well lo-fi. Would be filed under "rock" in a record store, though is more outsider-ish than rock.


These songs are from a solo recording project. I've performed a few of them in bands in the past, but mostly they are suited for recording. Inspired by Irwin Chusid's "Songs in the Key of 'Z,'" I decided to write and record with as little self-consciousness as possible.

Influences include (in no particular order): Robyn Hitchcock, Daniel Johnston, The Kinks, Stephin Merritt, The Beatles, J.S. Bach, Jonathan Richman, The Shaggs, Syd Barrett, The Zombies, The Lettuce Heads, Tight Pants Syndrome, more.


Salad Days

Written By: Marcia Pandolfi

Is it so nice to be young? It isn't carefree till it's gone.
Look back and say, "Oh! for the day."
But the salad days are yet to come.

The salad days are yet to come. They'll get there just before you're done.
And you won't have a care when you're almost there.
The salad days are yet to come.

Such an effort to be light and gay and carefree.
The pleasure is in the memory of then as it seems now.

As old as you've ever been, smarter, too. Youth has nothing on you.
Whatever you're told, it's grand to be old, and the salad days are yet to come.

You're So Mean

Written By: Marcia Pandolfi

You used to be warm, you used to be true, and now it's as if I never knew anything.
You used to be nice, and not such a jerk, and now, you're so mean.

Is it that you're so impressionable? How's that identity crisis going, by the way?
Your motives are questionable. Has your humility left you, all the way?

You used to be fair, and kind of aware, and now you're putting on airs.
So over the top, and not really there.
I know you better than that, I swear.


Written By: Marcia Pandolfi

All over, everything, everywhere.
Taking over, you're in my shoe, you're in my hair.

You're crawling through my life, you're crawling on a knife. I suppose you have a right, much of one as I, but I have to take my side.

You don't need to live here, but I can't bear to move.
You can live anywhere, and you do, you do, don't you?

Ever closer to the edge, I keep my dishes in the fridge. Armed with Ziplock bags, my whole life's wrapped in plastic, and I have to take my side.

It's not your size, it's your numbers, and the little ones bother me most.


Written By: Marcia Pandolfi

To linger sweetly, like Summer in October. This is what I ask of my memory of you.
Populate the empty, gaping wasteland inside my heart with my memory of you.

I idealize you, even deify you. That's fair because you're gone. That's fair because you're gone.

Oh linger sweetly, like Summer in October. This is what I ask of my memory of you.

I'm Disturbed

Written By: Marcia Pandolfi

I'm Disturbed.

So much is empty, inane, inane, avoid a void so inhumane.

I'm disturbed.

He Has 2 Brains

Written By: Marcia Pandolfi

He has 2 brains, and 2 brains need 2 skulls, and all of that weight falls on his shoulders, which are 2 too few.

He has 2 brains, you think he would be smart, but it's still his heart that rules, and his intelligence is average.

He hits his heads a lot, sometimes on purpose. That extra brain he's got seems to be worthless.

He has 2 brains, and still does stupid things, because no help it brings this same as the other, other brain.

He has 2 brains, but clever he is not. Besides he has a nasty temper. And a witless 8-pound. chip on his shoulder.


Chansons de Joie 2002 self released ep.

Many tracks off this have been played on KDHX, St. Louis Community Radio over the last 5 years.

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