Marcio Faraco

Marcio Faraco


Márcio is a perfectionist and loves the hazy play of dimmed lights, suspension marks, impossible conversations, the scents of childhood, unspoken passions… Um Rio is a true reflection of himself, an album that reaches our deepest feelings by touching our sensibility with infinite lightness


Born in Alegrete, a small town in south Brazil, Márcio was already rubbing shoulders with the different cultures of this vast country at the age of 7, on account of his father’s varied professional postings. This obligatory vagabond’s life meant he’d already assimilated most of the forms of traditional music the samba, bossa nova, choro, baião and others - by an early age.
Armed with this knowledge, he and his family settled in Brasilia in 1975, where he began his life as an artist (at the age of 16). After winning several regional festivals, he decided in 1988 to try his luck as a singer-songwriter in Rio Janeiro.
Odd jobs and commissions encouraged him to leave his native country in 1991 for the South of France, where he settled with his French wife, whom he’d met in Rio a few years before.
He got to know other Brazilian musicians resident in France, and formed a trio; they went round the beach bars and gala parties on the Côte d’Azur, as well as Eddie Barclay’s “White Nights”…
But this was not enough for his ambitious nature and he decided to try his luck in Paris. After seven years of intense writing and composing, a record label was at last showing interest in him. Three albums came out of this collaboration, Ciranda,(2000), Interior (2002) and Com Tradição (2005).
After the cheerful intimacy of his debut album, the introspective minimalism of the second and the extrovert traditionalism of the third, Invento was released on Le Chant du Monde in 2007.
Márcio’s discography can be summed up in this single sentence by Rémy Kolpa Kopoul, Radio Nova’s contacts man: “Like a stage of serene self-interrogation, bordering on asceticism, … Faraco has mapped out his territory as he’s progressed”.


Ciranda (2000)
Interior (2002)
Com tradiçao (2005)
Invento (2007)
Um Rio (2008)

Set List

Um Rio (a river) is first and foremost a return to roots, to the sources of a genre, the bossa nova, whose fiftieth birthday is being celebrated this year. “The bossa is a samba on a domestic scale” according to Márcio; in other words, a sophisticated pleasure, murmured nonchalantly more often than not. From the bossa version of Love in French in the text (‘A quoi ça sert l’amour?’) to the dramatic wanderings of a vanished Indian tribe (‘Kanoë’), via the landscapes of childhood so small once one is big (‘Cidade Miniatura’ sung in duo with Milton Nascimento), Márcio’s voice shows both modesty and unabashed sensuality. To music composed by Baden Powell and his son at their last meeting, Márcio evokes in the form of a tribute everything they weren’t able to say to each other. The presence of Philippe Baden Powell, the master musician’s son and a riveting pianist, alongside the singer, makes this track all the more poignant.