Marcio Tucunduva

Marcio Tucunduva

 São Paulo, São Paulo, BRA

Combining elements of Brazilian music with classic rock and blues, singer/guitarist/songwriter Marcio Tucunduva released his sophomore album Antimoderno in 2010. The record has been picked as one of the best releases of the year by local critics.


Marcio Tucunduva – Antimoderno release

Combining elements of Brazilian music with classic rock and blues, singer/guitarist/songwriter Marcio Tucunduva releases his sophomore album.

Starting with “Antimoderno”, a mixture of “false” samba and Jimi Hendrix that perfectly reflects the vibe that runs throughout the album, the record is full of Brazilian elements without sounding folkloric. Meaning, yes, it's Brazilian, but do not expect to hear any pandeiros or agogos on the album. Instead, hear how punchy and lively guitars, bass and drums fit very well and naturally with samba, afoxé, frevo and baião without any traces of the easygoingness or softness often associated with Brazilian “modern” music. That's how “Que Sabe a Cabra?” gets away from being your standard afoxé. That's how “Soladeira”, “No Meio do Caminho”, “A Amizade é A Mesma” and “Parafuso Horário” blend samba, maracatu and embolada with vigorous rock and blues. And don't look back.

The production of the album started in 2009, in São Paulo, Brazil. Marcio Tucunduva teamed up with Marcos Ottaviano, one of most accomplished Brazilian blues guitarists, to develop the ideas of what would become “Antimoderno”. In the process, they also involved engineer/producer Alexandre Fontanetti, who recorded all the basic tracks of the album, and legendary American engineer/producer Roy Cicala, who recorded all of the vocal tracks at his new studio in São Paulo. Throughout the record Marcio Tucunduva enjoys the assistance of top-notch Brazilian musicians Marcos Ottaviano on electric guitar, Andrei Ivanovic on bass and Mario Fabre, who currently plays with Brazilian rock band Titãs, on drums. The record was then mixed by Marcio Tucunduva and Marcos Ottaviano at the artist's own facility and mastered by US engineer Tom Waltz.

Marcio Tucunduva is a Brazilian singer/guitarist/songwriter and has started his career having Raul Seixas, the most important Brazilian rock musician as his menthor. He also wrote for pop bands A Cor do Som and Pé-de-Cabra. In 2003, he released his first independent album “Etanoise”, on which he started his pursue for a vigorous mix of Brazilian music and rock. Before that, he had songs on “Vila Madalena” soap-opera (Rede Globo) and “Xuxa Requebra” movie.


Antimoderno - 2010
Available internationally @ iTunes, Amazon, eMusic etc

Etanoise - 2003