Marc Klock

Marc Klock


Marc's latest CD "Tentacle Dreams" is instrumental jazz-rock with a solid song structure, expressive guitar-driven melody lines and featuring solos from guitar, vioin and keyboard. The bassist and drummer provide a solid groove but always shine!


Marc has been playing guitar, writing and recording since the age of ten, has four independent releases and has contributed to scores of other projects as a guitarist, engineer or producer.

Time Will Tell, Marc's first full-length CD was recorded in 1997. The band toured the east coast extensively for over a year before changing vocalist and recording a second CD in 1999 with CJ Citek a BAMMY winning rock singer from the bay area.

Marc relocated to LA later that year and recorded his first completely instrumental project, the "Psychoderelicts" with bassist John Dunn. Marc wrote and recorded all the material, as well as programming all the drums in his studio.

Marc is not only a songwriter and guitarist, but also a studio owner, engineer and the entrepreneurial producer behind all his projects. Tentacle Dreams is Marc’s fourth independent release and second instrumental excursion, and he believes his best work to date. A meld of Marc’s strong melodic rock-roots interjected with experimental jazz, the tunes flow through a changing emphasis of instrumentation, effects and textures. Tentacle Dreams’ basic tracks were recorded live in Marc’s studio with overdubs of violin and a few solo tracks laid down later. The entire CD was recorded in just five days. Marc’s concept was to provide a creative atmosphere and record great musicians in an unrehearsed setting. In this effort Marc has forged more than music–-he has captured unique, one-of-a-kind performances from incredible musicians.

Marc enlisted local Los Angeles talent featuring a bass player without equal, Phil Chen. Legendary for his work with Jeff Beck on "Blow by Blow" and Rod Stewart's, "Foot Loose & Fancy Free, Blondes Have More Fun" and "Foolish Behaviour". Phil has toured the world and also played with Jackson Browne, the Eurythmics, Pete Townshend, Brian May and Eddie Van Halen to name but a few. The “bass man’s” approach to recording is strictly “in the moment” so his tracks are never played the same twice, but what you get is always astounding.

On electric 5-string violin, virtuoso Jerry Goodman has credits with the Flock, Grammy winner, Jan Hammer and the six-time Grammy nominated Dixie Dregs featuring Steve Morse. Prior to the Dregs, Jerry was the original violinist in John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra, considered by many, the greatest jazz-fusion group of all time. In reverence to the inspiration from these recordings Marc recorded “Back from Mars” in tribute to McLaughlin. Jerry’s distinctive sound and aggressive improvisational style are featured extensively on this recording.

Jimmy Paxson, Jr. is a hard-working drummer from a well-known musical family. His dad is jazz drummer Jimmy Paxson, Sr. and mom Sunnie Paxson; one of LA’s own “Best Jazz Performers” was Stanley Clarke’s keyboardist from 1985 to 1988. Jimmy Jr. has toured with Alanis Morissette, Robben Ford and has recorded with Ronnie Montrose and Steve Vai.

Ed Roth is an inventive keyboardist adding unique sounds and effects from his collection of vintage analog keys including a Fender Rhoades and Korg organ. Ed’s projects include the new Hughes/Joe Lynn Turner record, a live studio Glenn Hughes DVD, and a new record from rapper Goast.

Tentacle Dreams was recorded through vintage analog equipment including Neve 1073, API, SSL and 1176 compressors as well as some new Avalon and Tubetech tube gear. The project was mastered by Paul Tavenor, at Man Alive Productions.

Tentacle Dreams has scores of terrific reviews that continually comment on his songwriting and production skills as well as the incredible musicianship all around on the project. Marc has sold thousands of units in over 20 countires and Tentacle continues to receive radio play world-wide as more folks into progressive and instrumental music discover this underground phenomenon.


Twentieth Century Guitar Interview

Written By: TCG January 2005

TCG spotlight interview / article on Marc Klock for the January 2005 issue.

TCG: Tell us something about your musical background and how long
you’ve been playing guitar.
MK: I have been obsessed with the guitar since I was a young kid, when I was given an old Silver tone. I studied with several instructors in the Santa Barbara area and later at UCLA. I started performing at fifteen and was
recruited by established players from the local SB scene. Performing for a live audience is such a separate satisfaction from selling your music. For me playing live is a very important aspect of being a musician and it refreshes my
creativity and invigorates my writing. In 1979, my sister gave me Van Halen I…she hated it! I of course loved it and Eddie’s playing completely changed my perspective. I still recall the first time I heard eruption…I shit my pants! That “really got me” working on my chops and I became a more aggressive and experimental soloist.

TCG: Tell us about your new CD, (for example) the name of it, when and where it was recorded, some information on the way the album was recorded and how it reflects your overall musicianship and guitar style.

MK: My fourth and most recent, recording is entitled “Tentacle Dreams.” The title track was inspired by an especially vivid dream I had after an evening of sushi and saki. As with previous projects, I knew I wanted to record Tentacle myself, so I purchased several pieces of vintage analog gear for my home studio, including an old British Soundtracs console. All tracks were recorded and mixed through this analog gear with the exception of a hard disk recorder
and a 24-bit DAT on the tail-end.
All basic tracks, as well as most of my solo tracks, were recorded “live” with Ed, Jimmy and Phil over about five days. We cleaned-up some tracks with a
couple minor punch-ins and Jerry was recorded on the final day of tracking in about 6 hours. I am such a fan of the early fusion recordings that I wanted to
capture a truly improvisational air and genuine warmth of tone on this recording. Also paramount in my mind was capturing the veteran tones of Phil and Jerry that have come to represent them so well over the years. As the instrumentation and the number of tracks were extensive I spent over
six months working out the mix “performance.” Without any automation this was quite a task for me and it solidified my respect for “true" engineers.

TCG: Tell us something about your favorite electric guitars and/or
acoustic guitars and the guitars featured on your latest album, adding in something about your guitar set ups, amps, strings and pedals.
MK: On this recording I used Musicman Axis and Axis Sport guitars. I love the tone of the P90’s in the Sports. All my guitars are strung with Boomer 11's. I
use these heavy strings to get the tone I want, and as a side, they keep my hands in especially good shape for acoustic playing. I tracked the guitar straight into my Mesa Boogie Mark IV head through my Boogie 4/12. On two tracks I did use my Vox Clyde Wah pedal and on the track “Back from
Mars” I used a ring modulator. Effects such as reverb and delay were added when I mixed using my Eventide Eclipse. When I play live I run the Eclipse through a separate tube amp and 4/12 cabinet. At the moment I am having a custom axe built by Greg Back that I am very exited about. It will have
several of my favorite tone woods and Lindy Fralin custom P90 pickups. In the spring I will start my next recording project which will feature this guitar almost exclusively.

TCG: Can you mention some of your musical influences, favorite
guitarists and most influential albums?

MK: I love all types of music and musicians, so to pick just a few influences is difficult, but I would have to say as far as guitarist, Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth and Eddie Van Halen. Blow By Blow and Wired continue to be two of my favorite albums and I also have to mention Holdsworth's I.O.U., as
another of my all-time favorite recordings.

TCG: Can you tell us your web site and email contact info?
MK: The website is a nice, straight-forward way for me to market my music directly to folks. It is constantly evolving and updated frequently. My website is simply and I can be contacted through the website email or at


1997 KLOCK - Time Will Tell
1999 KLOCK - A4
2001 Psychoderelicts - Herbicidal
2004 Tentacle Dreams